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#1064644 The Hornets' New Inside Presence

Posted by QC Thundercats on 22 July 2015 - 02:37 PM

Don't let Brother Dave fool you, this new fearsome foursome we have on the inside, the new frat pack, will be great theater that will entertain us for hours.


Tell me who wouldn't want to see this great movie:






I tell ya, fun times, over and over.

  • #1033029 Warning to the Miami Heat:

    Posted by QC Thundercats on 18 April 2014 - 02:21 AM



    Time to Freeze the Heat!

  • #1044827 Lance Stephenson a Hornet!

    Posted by dcpacersfan on 16 July 2014 - 06:20 PM

    Hey guys. I am a lifelong Pacers fan and thought I would share my relatively unbiased thoughts and what to expect with Lance.


    First, let me say you guys have gotten Lance on an amazingly beneficial contract for your team. I mean, financially you guys got a massive steal that alleviates a lot of the downside risk involved with signing a player like Lance.


    I'll start with the positives. First, Lance is one of the 3 or so players in the NBA who literally cannot be stopped in transition. When he gets it going in transition he is an elite-level player, up there with Lebron and Westbrook. Watching Lance on the fast break is a thing of beauty.


    Second, fans will knock Lance for his shooting but I think he is underrated in this respect. One of the major criticisms of the Pacers last year was a really ugly offensive system that did not create a lot of good looks. This probably depressed Lance's shooting percentage. That said, Lance proved brilliant at taking guys off the dribble and creating shots when he needed to. You can find plenty of Youtube clips of these kinds of plays. Pretty amazing stuff.


    Third, Lance is an elite perimeter defender. The Pacers have had among the best defenses in the NBA over the last couple of years largely because of Lance's defense. He is a guy you can put on elite wings such as Lebron and is going to contain them as well as anyone can. He can shut down more average players. I didn't watch you guys much last year but I have heard MKG is also a good defender and is still developing in this respect. If true you guys could have sick perimeter D in the coming years.


    Now for a few negatives. It is true that Lance is GREAT at finding the open guy for the assist but he is NOT good at moving the ball and has what Pacers fans sometimes call "Travis Best" syndrome where he pounds the air out of the ball for 20 seconds and takes a bad shot. However, some of this may be due to a bad offensive system. Frank Vogel has not proven to be a very good offensive coach.


    Second is all the assorted locker room stuff Lance faced as a Pacer. He got in a fistfight with Evan Turner in practice year either right before or during the playoffs, and there are rumors (emphasis on rumor) that he had an affair with another player's wife or girlfriend which contributed to the poor Pacers play in the playoffs this year. Lance was snubbed from the All-Star team this year, and players commented indirectly to the media that after that happened he started playing selfishly because he thought he had something to prove. Lance is also known from strange general practice antics, apparently he fakes injuries and will just lay on the floor for like two minutes for no reason. Again, I have never been to a closed Pacers practices or hung out in the Pacers locker room so I don't know how bad this stuff is.


    Overall, you guys got a good player and the short contract alleviates the risks I mentioned. Hornets will definitely be a League Pass team for me next year, best of luck.

  • #1062587 Summer League Players...

    Posted by jfoster on 04 July 2015 - 12:57 PM

    Hey guys just wanted to let you know she said YES.!! Tears of joy was shed! (From her and the crowd that decided to watch) I did it in downtown. Thank you all for the well wishes. Means alot truly.

  • #1036219 Hornets' Workouts

    Posted by spectre on 27 May 2014 - 07:20 AM

    I'm going to try and update this continually for an easier to read format:


    Glen Robinson III - May 29,2014 Completed

    DeAndre Daniels - May 30, 2014 Completed

    C.J. Fair - May 30, 2014 Completed


    June 3, 2014

    Justin Cobb Completed

    Langston Hall Completed

    Sean Kilpatrick Completed

    Ian Miller Completed

    Xavier Thames Completed

    Scottie Wilbekin.Completed


    June 4, 2014

    P.J. Hairston Completed


    June 10, 2014

    Jordan Adams
    Markel Brown
    Joe Harris
    Devyn Marble
    Casey Prather
    C.J. Wilcox


    June 11, 2014

    Nik Stauskas

    Roberto Nelson


    June 12, 2014

    Kadeem Batts


    June 16, 2014

    Jerrelle Benimon

    De'Mon Brooks


    Andre Dawkins - TBD

    Cleanthony Early - TBD

    Tyler Ennis - TBD

    Rodney Hood - TBD


    Keep posting workouts as soon as you run across 'em.


    Glenn Robinson III scheduled to hold workouts this week for Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets


    In Charlotte on Thursday.  DX has him ranked 29th.


    Jeff Goodman: DeAndre Daniels has visits scheduled to Miami (Tues), Atlanta (Thurs), Charlotte (Fri.) this week, source told ESPN. Twitter



    DX has Daniels ranked 46th.

  • #1109378 2018-2019 Trade Deadline Thread

    Posted by Mustachio on 05 February 2019 - 10:54 AM

    First of all.   Gerald Wallace was not a real All-Star.  He was a pity vote.   Don't mention him and Kemba in the same breath.   


    The undervaluation and disrespect of Kemba right now is disgusting.  



    Second of all.  What's the plan?   Get rid of Kemba take his 30 million off the table and rebuild?   Try again and hope we can assemble a team that can compete with any of the top teams that are miles ahead of us in terms of team building and talent level?  I thought we weren't a free agent destination?  You gonna use that 30 million to bring in a star better than Kemba?  Count on rookies and sophmores to win a ring?   That's a 4 year project at best, and a complete no-guarantee attempt that could end up exactly where we were before Kemba.  What exactly is the benefit of not signing Kemba?  


    Kembas contract is not going to kill us.  After this season, we have another season with a re-signed Kemba and some salary cap trouble.   After that we're clear and have plenty cap space with a solid young developing class and a star point point guard.  And as of now includes adding two young players at least via the draft.   If we make NO OTHER MOVES from here until the 2021 season we would have Kemba, Batum, Zeller, Bridges, Monk, Graham and Bacon two first round picks and roughly 75 million dollars away from the luxury tax.   


    Rather than give up the one player who has respect in this league, the one player who can get a call (barely), the one player that can get a bucket, the one player that loves the city and wants to bring a winner here.   Why not try to continue building around him.  I don't see the benefit of saving 30 million for one season, in an attempt that will not make us any better than we would be before we would have had more salary to work with any way.  



    In other words, lose Kemba for nothing, start over from scratch immediately.   Or... keep Kemba and have the money a year from now.  

  • #1083526 ASG in Charlotte in Danger?

    Posted by QC Thundercats on 22 July 2016 - 11:10 PM

    Man, this shit is sad. I think everybody here, no matter your political leaning, is pissed the game got taken away, and for those that live around Charlotte, the hit on the city's finances, image, and business prospects are massive and embarrassing.  People all over the internet talking about how backwards and bigoted Charlotte is, even though we all know its the complete opposite.


    But thats not whats sad.  While politics does play a major part in this and is a major cause of all the sniping, its bigger than that.  This is a human issue that pretty much everyone should agree on.  


    Ziggy is right about the general population being about 10% gay.  Always has been, always will be, they just feel safer to come out now.  And sure, you may think thats not a significant number to be all up in arms about.  But only 4% of the population is Asian, and it'd be wrong to enact any discriminatory laws against them.  So the numbers don't matter.


    The truth of the matter is that the Charlotte city council tried to be progressive and enact an anti discrimination law for the LGBT community.  Why do we need this you say?  Well ideally, we wouldn't need any anti discrimination law in the first place, except for the fact that black people, women, and even the disabled were all severely discriminated against to the point that legislation needed to be put in place.  And because the LGBT weren't originally included, it is quite prudent and fair to add this class of people to give equal protection to ALL classes of people.  Its necessary because backward ass people think they'll catch the gay if they serve a member a pizza, or go to hell if they dare provide any kind of service or act of kindness to them.


    It was necessary because gay people weren't allowed to receive spousal benefits for taxes, wills, estates, weren't allowed to adopt, passed over for jobs even though qualified, and of course, not be served cake or pizza simply because of who they're attracted to.  So to make sure that individuals and business can't continue to get away with such outright bigotry, Charlotte tried joining about 200 other US cities that already enacted a similar law protecting an entire class of people who need it.



    BUT THE BATHROOMS!!!  OK, everyone can all agree we don't want pedophiles attacking our daughters (and sons).  The point of the Charlotte ordinance was about equal protection, the bathroom part was a small line at the end.  I can agree that maybe that part could've been left out, since transgendered folks probably went to the bathroom they wanted to anyway.


    But if Pat and the GA were truly concerned about that, then they could've invalidated just that part.  But they didn't.  They decided that, no we don't want to allow Charlotte to protect this class of citizens, and opened up the ability for businesses to discriminate based solely on the suspicion of gayness.  Which could be used as a front for any form of discrimination ("I thought that arab looking guy was gay"), and then took the extraordinary step of taking away the right to sue in local court.  For discrimination.  Of any kind.  


    BUT CAN'T YOU STILL SUE IN STATE COURT?? Sure, but its highly burdensome.  State courts may be hundreds of miles away from your home, making it hard to travel back and forth for trial, and the state courts are even more booked, less staffed, is slower and completely prevents someone the ability to address their grievances and injuries within any reasonable time period .  Why did P & the GA create this burden for no reason?  Really, why?  There is no good policy reason to make it exponentially harder for someone legitimately discriminated against to access the justice system.


    So that's why businesses are actually mad, the NBA is mad, protesters, citizens, and any compassionate soul who looks past the smoke is mad.  It is not about bathrooms, otherwise it could've been taken care of easier.  It is about outright discriminatory legislation that does not give a class of people equal protection.  And that should make all citizens upset, because all men are supposed to be created equal.



    I just want to say I am very sorry about what I said . It is no excuse . That's not me . I am the one who is lucky because you guys respect me and the little education I have. I am on some of the strongest pain pills out and fighting to not get 4 more Sergeys . I want all I offended to know I am very sorry .It's still no excuse


    I quoted this for 2 reasons: 1) is in case Adam couldn't see the apology if he did in fact block you, and 2) this is the perfect example of how politicians artfully play to peoples fears, no matter how irrational.


    Dave, as far as I know, you're a good dude.  Passionate, ornery, and prone to frustration, but a good fan and member.  I was actually pretty shocked by your previous post, as that didn't seem your character, but its all part of the learning experience, and I'm glad you can acknowledge it.


    But that was a prime example of what P+GA wanted people to feel.  That transgendered people would whip out their junk and rape everybody's daughters.  They want people to conflate LGBT people with pedophiles and perverts, so you can stay angry and vote for them.  Trans people are actually more scared of the general public harming them then people are to them.  Does the ordinance make perverts more likely to take advantage and hide in bathrooms?  I haven't really heard of an uptick of that in any of the cities that have already enacted such a law.


    But a pervert is a pervert, they'll continue doing what they've always done.  If they dressed as a women to get in the girls bathroom, they were already doing that before.  Transgendered girls already used the girls bathroom, transgendered boys already used the boys bathroom.  Nothing changed with Charlotte's law.  Everything changed with Raleigh's law.  They tried to fix a problem that didn't exist anyway, and harmed not only an entire class of citizens, but the entire Charlotte metropolitan area with loss of business, and actually the entire state as now we are constantly in the news as being a land of bigots.

  • #1057692 Rich Cho your days in Charlotte are numbered!!

    Posted by Icky Thump on 01 April 2015 - 05:54 PM

    Wow! Looks like its Ali G's day....


    Yahoo! Sports reporting GM Rich Cho out in Charlotte

  • #1056907 Hornets Memo From the NBA Offices

    Posted by QC Thundercats on 16 March 2015 - 10:55 PM


  • #1046905 Offseason Dump

    Posted by High Upside on 08 August 2014 - 11:40 AM

    So I'm thinking we will be using this gif plenty in the future



  • #1044876 Lance Stephenson a Hornet!

    Posted by ziggy on 16 July 2014 - 09:44 PM


  • #1083890 Ran into a Hornet in Springfield, Mass(Hall of Fame)

    Posted by Veteran_Picksetter on 20 August 2016 - 10:43 AM

    So I visited the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass last week. I was walking near an exhibit which included a life-sized flat image of Mugsy Bogues and Yao Ming, and got involved in a conversation with a guy who looked kind of familiar. He was a good-lookin' young fella, who seemed humble and down to earth, about 6'3". Looked a lot like a certain NBA player, but I wasn't sure. 


    He mentioned that he had been in Washington last year, and that is when I realized I was indeed having a conversation with Ramon Sessions. I asked him if he was Ramon and he said yes. I shook his hand, introduced myself as so-and-so from Charlotte, and told him I was happy to have him back. Wished him a good season and yelled back "I'll be there!" as I walked away. He responded with "I'll be there too!" He really did seem like a nice kid. I know he's 30, but when you are my age, 30 seems like a kid. 


    About 15 minutes later Ramon was being interviewed in front of a group of people on the bottom level of the building. Of course, he had positive things to say about the Hornets and the city. And we all know he is happy to be close to home. Asked about being an NBA journeyman, he said that being traded does not bother him because it is an opportunity to make new contacts/friends/connections, or something to that effect. 


    But anyway, I recommend visiting the Naismith Hall of Fame. For starters, it is an interesting building. I could have spent hours and hours in there reading up on the various people and developments that made the game what it is. And you never know who you are going to run into. 

  • #1080240 Sad news: TheBeagle has passed away

    Posted by QC Thundercats on 13 June 2016 - 11:46 AM

    I feel like he was one of the cornerstones of this site and community and would love for us to mark that.

    I was thinking that too. Don't know how we would commemorate him around here on the site, but if anyone could think of a way, it'd be very fitting. He was a big reason I fell in love with this forum, and I reckon a lot of people here feel the same way.

    I had a thought, don't know if it's a good idea or not. But reading the comments here, and even on realgm, he had a high reputation and probably was seen as the friendliest member here.

    So as someone who represented what the best of this site is about - free, open minded expression of your passion, tempered with civility and respect - maybe we could honor that ideal where good posters could earn a Beagle badge who showed the same high regard and standards that he followed.

    So perhaps anybody that Ziggy's entrusted to be a mod, anybody who's received 1000 rep points, anybody who's been a member for 10 years, something like that would show you're either a dedicated member and/or held in high repute.

    Here's an idea of a badge that could maybe go under your screen name as an honorary symbol, signifying members who've contributed a lot.



    I don't know, just an idea I had.

  • #1071155 Heat , Hornets game thread 12/9/15

    Posted by dnbman on 09 December 2015 - 09:00 PM

    Hansbrough looks like the player I'm controlling when I first get a new basketball game and I'm just pressing buttons trying to figure out what to do. 

  • #1053887 Charlotte, the Eye of the Swarm

    Posted by QC Thundercats on 20 January 2015 - 03:50 PM

    Maybe a little shameless self promotion, but just wanted to share a picture I was working on.  Cornwallis had no idea of his future overlords.



  • #1047117 Charlotte Hornets Showing How to Play Free-Agency Game as a Mid-Market Team

    Posted by spectre on 15 August 2014 - 01:45 AM

    Fred Katz via The Bleacher Report



    You're not worthless just because you're not perfect. Someone should tell that to the Lance Stephenson critics.

    The 23-year-old Stephenson signed a three-year, $27 million contract with the Charlotte Hornets after turning down a five-year, $44 million deal with the Indiana Pacers, for whom he played the first four years of his career.

    The Stephenson signing makes two straight seasons that Charlotte has snagged a bigger-than-expected name on the free-agent market. The then-Bobcats inked Al Jefferson to a three-year, $41.5 million deal last summer, a bulky contract met with some criticism, considering Jefferson's defensive reputation.

    "Overpay" is a relative term. A destination town probably shouldn't have given a non-rim-protecting center like Big Al all that money last offseason, but for Charlotte, he was worth the dollars. And it paid off just fine.

    Jefferson ended up earning that money and more during his first season under Steve Clifford, averaging 22.5 points and 11.2 rebounds per 36 minutes while noticeably improving his defense and earning Third-Team All-NBA honors.

    His presence, meanwhile, can't be understated enough in the Hornets' attempts to try to bring in other big names, like Stephenson.



    Plenty more praise at the link.


    Also with over 460 votes in 76% think the Hornets will be top 4 in the East this upcoming season.


    My favorite quote:


    We know the Hornets' formula. Find an otherwise beautiful painting with a smudge on it, and entrust it to an artist who is meticulous enough to remove the blemish without damaging the piece.

    It worked with Jefferson. Because Clifford already seems like a polished, veteran leader after one season as an NBA head coach, it could easily work with Stephenson.



  • #1043745 Offseason Dump

    Posted by Swedd523 on 12 July 2014 - 02:32 PM

    Well guys, it happened.

    I'm a married man

  • #1040651 A round of applause for Rich Cho

    Posted by Adam42R on 27 June 2014 - 06:37 PM

    I realize not everyone agrees with what I view as nice craftwork by Cho last night but.... We got a guy that David Aldridge was saying, with Embiid's injury, was a top four talent, an overall number one pick in any other draft, for Corey Maggette.

    And I personally just love what he did with the Napier deal. Puts money in our pocket, makes our cap hit smaller and Miami's bigger, gives us a future second round pick that could honesty be decent when it rolls in. Then takes a second round pick that we're ok without and unloads cap space in BWood's contract. Wow, just freaking wow.

    Cannot wait to see what we can do in free agency!

    And hats off to Jordan and Polk, masterful job with the rebranding and personnel management.

  • #1040051 The Charlotte Hornets new court

    Posted by QC Thundercats on 25 June 2014 - 10:06 PM

    I saw a sneak peak of the new court:



  • #1038200 Rod Higgins steps down

    Posted by BlockParty on 13 June 2014 - 06:14 AM

    Could be as simple as his 3 year guaranteed (my assumption) contract from Cho's hire has finally run out.  Cho was hired 6/14/2011.