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Is it time for Paul Silas to step down?

Paul Silas, head coach (?), Charlotte BobcatsSome may consider this no big deal, but I think it is.

The supposed head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats stepped aside Saturday night and let his son—who does happen to be one of his assistant coaches—and let him coach the team. Apparently it was not the first time he’s done this but the fifth. Two of the other times it was because he was ejected; twice it was by choice.

So since it was not the first time that he willfully gave over control of the team it should not be surprising, but it’s the first I’ve heard of it being done. Had I heard about this before, I would have written this piece then.

Paul Silas is the head coach of the team. It is his job to get the players in shape to win the game every time they step on the court. Yes, he has assistants that will help him in the task, but the job and responsibility is ultimately his.

From what I’ve been able to find on the World Wide Web here, Silas had his son Stephen take the reins because he thinks that his son will one day be a head coach in the NBA so he wanted to give him experience.

That’s not his job. He needs to coach the players. He needs to get the guys on the court ready to play the game. He does not need to get his son experience as a head coach.

This would have never happened on a team that was trying to make the playoffs. To me it says that Silas thought it was no big deal if he didn’t do his job for one night since the team is nowhere close to making the post season.

It tells me that he doesn’t care about doing his job.

I’m with being a Dad; I am one. I don’t see this as a ‘good dad’ move, but more of a ‘we suck so I’m going to give my son a boost since I’m likely getting fired anyway.’

Here’s hoping that His Airness will do the team and franchise a favor by getting rid of this guy soon.