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Lockout Linkage: Applauding the Motivated

Aug 06 2011 03:05 AM | ziggy in Larry Brown

This NBA Lockout has sapped the will to write completely out of me. When I think about the very real possibility that I may not being able see my beloved NBA until possibly November of 2012 it's enough to  make me physically ill. With that being sai...

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Charlotte Bobcats Defeat the Sixers behind Augu...

Jan 21 2011 06:06 AM | ziggy in Larry Brown

The Charlotte Bobcats defeated the Philadelphia 76ers last night behind an amazing offensive outburst by DJ Augustin in the first half and some clutch  jump shooting late in the 4th quarter by Gerald Henderson. My question is this: If Larry Brown watch...

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Larry Brown OUT as Bobcats Coach

Dec 22 2010 02:32 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Larry Brown

They're telling us it was mutual. "I met with Coach Brown two weeks ago about the team’s performance and what we could do to improve it. We met again this morning after practice. The team has clearly not lived up to either of our expectations and we...

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If the Charlotte Bobcats' on court performance...

Dec 22 2010 05:51 AM | ziggy in Larry Brown

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Bobcats slaughtered by Wizards

Dec 21 2010 07:19 AM | TooCool in Larry Brown

Well, what can I say after a performance like that. For those who know me, I'm our resident Australian Bobcats fan. So yes, that meant I woke up at 8 a.m to watch that game. If you even want to call it a game. I don't even know where to begin to be hon...

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Bobcats hang with Atlanta for an entire game!

Dec 18 2010 03:11 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Larry Brown

Moral victory!  Whoooo Hooooo!  Kept it between 3-15 points for the entire game.  After shooting 0-11 to open the game, it's quite a feat.  I woke this morning and found a new thread here on BobcatsPlanet, "I'm officially done with Larry Brown."  Larry...

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Bobcats Lose by 33...In Memphis...Seriously

Dec 17 2010 02:09 AM | Andrew Barraclough in Larry Brown

Memphis is the greatest team ever assembled.  That's a fact.  I only watch the Bobcats, you see, and I hear Boston is good, but they only beat the Bobcats by 31, so Memphis is 2 points better.  That's how it works. I had to let that one marinade for...

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Bobcats lose at Philly, or something

Dec 05 2010 01:52 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Larry Brown

I couldn't care less...Well I could but that'd mean not writing this post.  109-91, and that was a mercy 91.  The Philadelphia 76ers, who actually had 2 fewer wins than the Bobcats coming into the game, dominated the game from beginning to end.  So, bl...

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2-6, Not The End Of the World

Nov 11 2010 02:55 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Larry Brown

So the Bobcats beat the hapless Raptors last night in Canada of all places...who knew they played basketball up there?  The 'Cats and the Rap's were both 1-6 headed into last night's contest, however, coming into the season, the Bobcats were a revised...

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Preview: Charlotte Bobcats at New Jersey Nets 1...

Nov 03 2010 01:31 AM | Andrew Barraclough in Larry Brown

Hope you guys don't have an Election Day hangover.  I know I partied til the break of dawn.  TEA PARTAY!  Riiiight.  Election nerds are like sports nuts except without the athleticism and the Political stuff is a little less serious.  One thing we can...

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Starting the season 0-3 is kind of like kissing...

Nov 01 2010 03:48 AM | ziggy in Larry Brown

This is what starting your season 0-3 is like. Picture that creepy uncle in your family ( don't get all self-righteous on me now, your family has one too ), you know the one that smells like Jack Daniels and sardines, that one with the bad comb ove...

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BigCat Bobcat: A new season starts tonight

Feb 17 2009 10:42 PM | ziggy in Larry Brown

I never really kept up before, but this year I realized that the All-Star Break does not fall at the mid-point of the season.  The Bobcats are 21-31 right now and on pace to match their best season.  That's not saying much with the previous best coming...

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Larry Brown, Boris Diaw and Raja Bell get into...

Dec 11 2008 07:57 PM | ziggy in Larry Brown

They are all having a jolly good time... and the doubters said that they would never be able to get along

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Live Blogging Charlotte Bobcats opening night

Oct 30 2008 05:34 PM | ziggy in Larry Brown

Gentlemen...I'll be liveblogging tonight's game versus the Cavs. Despite an unimpressive preseason record and a gaping chasm at power forward, I'm still filled with optimism going into tonight's game and into the season. The reason for the optimism is...

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2008 Charlotte Bobcats Season Preview

Oct 21 2008 12:50 PM | ziggy in Larry Brown

Charlotte Bobcats Last Years Record: 32-50 Key Losses: The epic suck of Sam Vincent Key Additions: Larry Brown, DJ Augustin,a healthy Sean May & Adam Morrison. 1. What significant moves were made during the offseason? Easily the most significant move...

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