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BigCat Bobcat: A new season starts tonight

I never really kept up before, but this year I realized that the All-Star Break does not fall at the mid-point of the season.  The Bobcats are 21-31 right now and on pace to match their best season.  That's not saying much with the previous best coming under Bernie Bickerstaff, and one short of being matched by the guy everyone loved to hate Mr. Hammy McBiscuit last year.  This year the Bobcats have a real coach and have overhauled the entire team.  That's a big deal.  23 different players have dressed for the Bobcats this year.  The opening day roster had guys like Linton Something the third and like 4 guys with the last name Brown.  Now, taking advantage of former starters turned role players under either new coaches (Bell, Diaw) or seemingly disconnected  from their team (Vlad the "Space Cadet"). 
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So, going forward can the Bobcats accelerate towards the playoffs?  I really hope so, as a fan.  As a blogger, I've got to say yes, without a doubt.  This team is set up for success.  A strong core of guys who can start and play together.  Okafor and  Felton have become pillars for Larry Brown.  Both have played in every game, Ray only missing one start, Okafor making every start.  Gerald Wallace has lived up two his nickname of Crash, going down in a heap around the elbow of Andrew Bynum.  He's back tonight against Orlando but the Bobcats didn't really suffer any more than they might have if he had been available.  Sure they lost 5 straight but it was that hellacious West Coast swing and seriously, I didn't stay up to watch any of those games because I've become 67 years old somehow over night, so I don't know how badly they were outplayed.  Two home wins over "lesser" competition by a lot and the All-Star break and I'm thinking "Yeah, health + better cohesion among the new guys = playoff push."
The 'Cats are on the road for 18 of the final 30 games, an uphill battle no doubt but veterans and a little bit of being the underdog are what make me rest a little easier about that. 
Alright, I've got to break off here because honestly, I don't love the way this thing is going.  I am optimistic and I do believe this team is going to the playoffs but it's just a feeling.  I'm goosebumpy after the OT loss tonight at Orlando.  Dwight Howard had 45 points and the Bobcats pushed them to the end, JJ Redick makes possibly his only significant NBA play and got screwed by a guy who was dying on the floor mid-way through the 3rd quarter in the OT session.  That gets me excited.  Larry's Presser postgame was good too.  He didn't say the refs screwed us but the difference in attempts was ridiculous.  I saw Larry Brown "In My Own Words" for the first time and I'm just excited for what's to come.  It's going to to be fun.