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Bobcats Lose by 33...In Memphis...Seriously

Memphis is the greatest team ever assembled.  That's a fact.  I only watch the Bobcats, you see, and I hear Boston is good, but they only beat the Bobcats by 31, so Memphis is 2 points better.  That's how it works.

I had to let that one marinade for a day, I couldn't sit down to write a wrap-up.  I wasn't pissed, I just don't really know how to put it into words.  I feel like, well as a Christmas treat, I feel like Clarke W. Griswold Jr. when he opens his Christmas Bonus.

So excited, expecting so much, then OJ Mayo, Rudy Gay and Darrell Arthur go on a dunk fest, sorta like a pre-game lay-up line.  The Bobcats are the jelly of the month club and Larry Brown is Cousin Eddie telling you "That's the gift that keeps on giving" all season long.  There is a promo currently airing on ESPN that's a mashup of an A-Team trailer and promo for their basketball coverage.  When they mention coaches, Larry is one of the 4 or so that they show.  Phil Jackson, Stan VanGundy, Popovich are the others.  Larry is supposed to be up there, he's supposed to be one of those guys that keep their team in it.  Instead he mopes post-game into comments like this:

"We were selfish on both ends," Brown said after the Grizzlies routed his Bobcats 113-80 on Wednesday night. "We didn't play hard. We acted like we didn't even care. I had to get into them at halftime and beg them to play. That's not what I'm supposed to be doing. There was no effort and no teamwork."

Larry, you think the players are playing for you, when they aren't.  Fake a sickness and see what the team looks like when you come back.  We don't want or need you to beg anyone to do anything.  It's terribly disappointing, while I've been directing so much of it at Larry Brown, it's as much the players' fault.  Gerald Wallace twisted his ankle, whoopie, probably by staying in helped keep that Toronto win.  So, Wallace, Out, Jackson?  29 minutes, 6-17 shooting, 1 assist, 3 rebounds.  If you're chucking, you don't know where the rebounds are going so, I understand his numbers sucking, plus, no one else had the cojones to do anything on the offensive end, so yeah, Memphis' defense keyed on him.

DJ Augustin played the most minutes of anyone, likely left out there to try and teach him something, finished with 10 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists.  DJ is left with a lot of responsibility, not just his own position but the additional pressure that Larry puts on his point guard.  Shaun Livingston has had his minutes cut in the last two games, coming off of Larry's comment that he was playing at "YMCA speed."  I believe you will see them continue to dwindle.

The fast-break defense wasn't there (31 points coming this way for Memphis), the perimeter defense isn't either (although Memphis didn't make many, they still attempted more 3s than the far-behind for most of the game Bobcats).

So, what did we learn?  Toronto is bad but it may have been a fluke win for the Bobcats.  The next game is against Atlanta, Gerald Wallace is likely to be out again, how will they respond?