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Larry Brown OUT as Bobcats Coach

They're telling us it was mutual.

"I met with Coach Brown two weeks ago about the team’s performance and what we could do to improve it. We met again this morning after practice. The team has clearly not lived up to either of our expectations and we both agreed that a change was necessary," Jordan said.

Honestly, sounds to me like Michael Jeffery Jordan called coach Brown, former Coach Brown, into the office after practice today and said "Hey, we gotta make a change, do you want to call it your decision?"  Nice, classy move by MJ but, damn, it had to happen.

Ric Bucher of ESPN was just on TV and said " Essentially, the Bobcats had two embarrassing losses, and they saw themselves going nowhere fast. and as much as the players had been under-performing there had been some questions how much energy Larry Brown had for the job as well.  So rather than simply begin trading players, which they are certainly exploring, the feeling is 'We need to find out exactly where we are.  How much is it that it's the players responding to the lack of energy from their coach?  We're going to have to find that out first."

Wow.  I just dictated from TV.  I am very proud of myself and would like to thank my brother in law for getting a DVR.

Seriously, the frustrations we have had as fans, as outsiders, is minuscule compared to within the organization.  Losing Raymond Felton, Tyson Chandler, veterans like Larry Hughes, Flip Murray, Theo Ratliff, even Stephen Graham, have put a strain on things.  Larry Brown and his "gimme more talent, can't win with what I've got" attitude has certainly put things way out of any semblance of tranquility over at 333 E. Trade.

Legitimately, Larry Brown was a saviour for this franchise.  Coming off of Sam "Fine Ham Biscuit" Vincent, and the debacle that was our '07-'08 season, Larry was the "league cred" the team needed as well as the fundamental preaching, basketball teaching coach that Gerald Wallace, Raymond Felton and well...those were the only guys left at the end of Larry's second season.  This is a major part of the problem.

What I was going to say was, Larry took a franchise and a city that had never been to the playoffs, to the playoffs.  NBA Basketball in Charlotte came back with Larry Brown.  Be it the Carolina ties, the championship pedigree, the Hall of Fame, lauded coach or just the fact that he was a guy who most people had heard of, Larry meant a lot to a lot of fringe and outside looking in fans.  He became the face of the franchise, along with Michael Jordan and then Gerald Wallace.

This didn't come without heartache, frustration or down-right confusion.  Literally, from the minute Larry took over as coach, he changed things in the franchise.  We all knew he wouldn't be long term, but usually, as was his MO in previous coaching stints, he would leave the team in a better state than he came to it in.

This season has been an atrocity.  I felt like the team has quit listening in training camp.  The returning players had heard "‘defend every possession’, ‘rebound the ball’, ‘play harder than our opponents’ and ‘respect the game’" for two years.  The guy had to change the record, had to change his tune, had to advance the team and the system.  He didn't.  I don't know if he couldn't, didn't care, actually believed there wasn't enough talent or what.  I have no idea, but I feel like it was a combination of all that plus the fact he was begged to come back by Michael Jordan.  Leave your family, wife and young kids, come back, make another run.  Well, the losses, especially that of Raymond Felton, hurt Larry.

He had no faith in DJ Augustin, although he pushed for the selection over Brook Lopez.  He had no faith, and even said so, in Shaun Livingston.  He questioned heart, effort, talent and how much the players had bought into his system.  Tom Sorrenson wrote just last night "

Brown says the Bobcats use a set in which he played at North Carolina. To put that in perspective, Brown played at North Carolina before there was rock 'n roll.

So the set is less than a surprise. And still, Brown says, his players don't know where to stand.

Read more: http://www.charlotte...l#ixzz18sjrgw9e

I want to ask, whose fault is that?  An antique system?  A coach, known for teaching, not teaching his players?  Or the players not buying in, not understanding and not doing what they've been "told?"

I certainly don't mean to tell the guy "Don't let the door hit you!" because I appreciate what he brought, but he simply overstayed.  He's 70 and has coached 30 years in the league, plus his 4 years with the ABA, plus 12 years in NCAA coaching and 7 years as a player!  He's seen it all, done it all, coached probably a third of the players in the league, yeah, no energy, what Bucher said.

So, the entire staff is gone, Larry's brother Herb, Phil Ford (who I liked), Dave Hanners (head assistant), Jeff Capel, Lasalle Thompson, they're all out on their asses.  (another thing that points to more than Larry simply stepping down) So where do they look for a coach now?  Early rumors are Paul Silas, former Hornets and Cavaliers coach, Charlotte resident.  Other possible candidates include Patrick Ewing, former Knicks sweater...sorry, center and current assistant with Orlando.  He was brought in to help Dwight Howard...not sure how that worked out.  Mike Woodson is another name out there.  He spent 5 years coaching Atlanta to the top half of the East playoff picture but not much more, thus he was ousted at the end of last season.

I LOVE Paul Silas.  Old, strong, leader.  However, he has been around the league for 30 years, taking his first job with the San Diego Clippers, that's right back in SAN DIEGO.  His best years were here in Charlotte and I'm sure if Primadonna LeBron James would have liked him he would have had quite a run in Cleveland.  Do we need another old guy?

I applaud Larry for what he did, I also applaud Michael Jordan for what he did in letting him go.