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Live Blogging Charlotte Bobcats opening night


I'll be liveblogging tonight's game versus the Cavs. Despite an unimpressive preseason record and a gaping chasm at power forward, I'm still filled with optimism going into tonight's game and into the season. The reason for the optimism is simple Larry Brown > Sam Vincent. If you wan't to get technical, I guess you could even say (Larry Brown + anyone with a pulse ) > ( Sam Vincent + Jeff McInnis).

As we like to say around BobcatsPlanet "In Larry Brown I Trust".

Tip off will begin shortly, Let the fun begin.

  • Starting lineup of Raymond Felton, Jason Richardson, Gerald Wallace, Sean May and Emeka Okafor. We'll see how long Sean May's conditioning/flab holds up.
  • Early dunks by J-Rich, Lebron responds in kind
  • Airball and turnover by Emeka followed by Sean May getting his shot blocked by an 83 year old Ben Wallace.
  • Tied up at 10-10 following a Raymond Felton three pointer. Hopefully that early 3 won't motivate him to jack up too many of those tonight
  • 7 minutes into the season and we already have a 2 point guard lineup
  • Adam (without hair) checks in
  • Boobie Gibson for three... thats just fun to say
  • Ditto. see the line above
  • Adam Morrison with 2 quick baskets... Who needs the hair? ;-)
  • 25-16 at the end of the 1st quarter. No worries though ILBIT
  • Adam Morrison scores in the post. And one.
  • Ouch. JJ Hickson posterizes Emeka. That'll be on Sportscenter folks.
  • Umm, I can tell already that NC Education Lottery guy is really going to annoy me.
  • For crying out loud, Somebody cover Boobie... so to speak
  • Down 42-28
  • Back to back baskets by Boobie, make it 46-28
  • Well, we're down 50-33 at haltime primarily do to 20 first half points by an out of control Boobie. For the second half we need to see more out of J-Rich, Crash and Emeka They have given us a combined total of 12 first half points.
  • Nice job of knocking LBJ to the floor when he drives to the basket. I really miss the days of the hard foul, when a Charles Oakley would decapitate you for even glancing at the paint... Ah, the good old days.
  • J-Rich heats up and trims the lead to 14
  • Come on Mek, finish strong
  • Free throws by Mek then Crash and behold, The 19 point lead is whittled down to 7 points
  • Nice. LB gets his first tech of the season. Boobie misses the free throw attempt.
  • Jason Richardson is definitely taking LS's advice to heart and taking the ball to the basket instead of settling for thejumper.
  • 64-57 Cavs... End of the third 68-59 Cavs.
  • Its official, I hate Game Show Gary
  • 4th quarter, Bobcats down 73-61. Its clear that despite being only 5'10" DJ can get his shot whenever he wants it..Now whether or not he can consistently knock those shots down is another story entirely
  • Gerald Wallace fouls out with 13 points, The Cavs are pulling away. back up 87-66
  • Raymond Felton fouls a three point shooter (Boobie). Nice job Ray... Not so much.
  • We have our first appearance of the Eiffel Tower Alexis Ajinca, He immediately gets stuffed by JJ Hickson
  • Its garbage time
  • 96-79 Cavs is the final score. There were some positives, Jason Richardson did his thing with 24 points, Adam Morrison had a decent showing off the bench with 9 point. On the other hand, 60% of our starting lineup ( Ray, May & Emeka ) shot a combined 3-22 from the floor. Good times
  • Until next time, ILBIT.


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