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Starting the season 0-3 is kind of like kissing your Uncle

This is what starting your season 0-3 is like.

Picture that creepy uncle in your family ( don't get all self-righteous on me now, your family has one too ), you know the one that smells like Jack Daniels and sardines, that one with the bad comb over and the flatulence problems. If you can't picture this guy in your family, then it is very likely that you ARE that guy in your family. Going 0-3 to start your season is like walking right up to that creepy uncle and planting a big wet kiss right on his lips.

Its uncomfortable, It makes you feel bad and Its not something to be proud of.

According to NBA Odds, the over/under for the Bobcats for wins and losses this season is 39.5. If the Cats are going to get to the 45ish wins that I've been predicting  for them this season, then the chemistry will certainly need to improve very quickly. These first 3 games have looked very raggedy. Before you get the impression that this blog post is going to be 100% full of gloom and doom, let me introduce a few thoughts that TeeJ introduced in our forum...
For those willing to think rationally
...consider some of the following.

First, Larry Brown teams ALWAYS start slow. And the Bobcats have only had one quick start, you may recall 2007-08. This is a trend for both parties involved, so even if everyone stayed from last year it would be no surprise.

Second regards a conversation with my dad coming home last night. We were talking about the lack of defensive rotations, and he asked how many new players were on the team/getting more minutes. When I told him that outside Jack, Crash, Boris, and Nazr, everyone was either new, had an increased role or was getting more minutes in the same role. He doesn't follow the team outside Gerald Wallace and has no clue who anyone is. He then said that, for normal teams, that means it could take two or three months before they learn how to play with each other. He said for a Larry Brown team it'd probably be less, but the always pending trade would negate some of it. I asked him if he thought the 'Cats would still make the playoffs, and he seemed surprised. He said compared to the last time he saw them, they were much better, they just didn't know it yet.

Thirdly, and most importantly, We've played three very solid teams. Dallas and Milwaukee will both compete for home court in the playoffs, and Indy's offseason may well have put them into the playoffs as well. While the Indy loss was inexcuseable, I have a feeling at the end of the year we won't feel so bad about it. And even in the loss, had Tyrus gotten a call at the end of the game, or any other number of things, the story would be different. Dallas and Milwaukee I both expected to beat us, and while I thought we'd beat Indy, it wasn't much of a surprise. The only surprise was how ineffective training camp was.

So how do you guys feel about this 0-3 start? Is it like kissing that creepy uncle, or is it business as usual for Larry Brown?