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Paul Silas

Paul Silas, Out As Bobcats Head Coach

Apr 30 2012 12:11 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Paul Silas

I thought it was strange, early in the year, when there was a meeting that apparently absolved Paul Silas and his coaching staff of all responsibility of the misery heaped upon the franchise through epic losses. I thought Silas might see the Bobca...

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Are the Charlotte Bobcats Better Without Their...

Mar 07 2012 02:28 AM | Travis Pulver in Paul Silas

I think we learned something tonight Sports Fans—the Charlotte Bobcats play better without their coach. In case you were not watching (don’t even try to lie and say you were; Santa Claus will hear you!), the team was well on its way to another humil...

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What Fans of the Charlotte Bobcats Have to Look...

Feb 27 2012 02:07 AM | Travis Pulver in Paul Silas

When your team sits at the absolute bottom of the league with a dismal 4-28 record the idea of looking forward to anything other than the end of the season (No 1) seems a little crazy. However, as someone who likes to at least try to find the silver li...

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The Bearded One

Jan 03 2012 05:42 PM | @JPlowright_NBA in Paul Silas

So we all saw that horrible game against Miami, and if you didn’t count yourselves lucky. If you speak to any fan they will say that game was just awful. However, I beg to differ, now I understand if your sitting there thinking what? We equalled our wo...

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Let’s Get Down To Bizness

Dec 24 2011 06:04 AM | @JPlowright_NBA in Paul Silas

On Thursday night we all got what we had been waiting for since the draft, there was a massive amount of anticipation to see Bismack Biyombo in a Bobcats jersey. Perhaps one of the most joyous days for Bobcat’s fans this summer came after the contract...

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