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Let’s Get Down To Bizness

On Thursday night we all got what we had been waiting for since the draft, there was a massive amount of anticipation to see Bismack Biyombo in a Bobcats jersey. Perhaps one of the most joyous days for Bobcat’s fans this summer came after the contract issues with Fuenlabrada were resolved. The news that Biyombo was going to play this season was exciting. As many of you know, Kemba and Biz are the future of this franchise; we gave a lot up to get that 7th pick.

After watching the game I understand that some of you may be disappointed with Biz. However, I hope you Bobcats fans realize that Bismack is not going to come right in and contribute as many 7th lottery picks would. Most importantly I hope you understand that he was never going to. Bismack is just 19 years old, he was drafted on potential. He has unrivaled physical tools, that’s what he was drafted for, not his tekker’s (English slang term for skill, I'm bringing it to the US). For those of you who watched the game, or those who just looked at the box score I’m sure you will have been slightly disappointed by Bismack. You just have to understand that he is very very raw and it will take time for him to adjust to the NBA. He has been playing in Spain where he has got by on his athleticism. You look at any player coming from overseas it takes time to adjust. However, did you see his two blocks he had? Bismack absolutely erased two shots.  This, my friends is a glimpse of what Bismack is capable of. I expect for him to get in all sorts of foul trouble and to turn the ball over a lot on offense. However, he will learn how to keep himself out of foul and TO trouble. You cannot teach outrageous blocks and athleticism. I am just saying lets be patient on this guy. We cannot judge him on his performances this year; we have to wait for him to develop. I think what we should look out for is how much and how quickly he will develop.

What’s Silas got in the locker?

Silas apparently spoke to the players after the second friendly game with Atlanta which we lost 75-92, where some players admitted “they didn’t give their best effort”. This disturbs me… We are a young team, who have barley had a camp (like everyone I know) and we are not that great. We have NO excuses not to give 100% effort every time we go out on that court. I personally was astounded that they admitted this to the coach, I coach one of the best university football (soccer) teams in the country, these guys are not pros but if they admitted they didn’t really give it their all in a preseason game I would be very angry. We are not good enough to not give 100%, I really hope Silas addresses this issue as I was disappointed in our squad, as I was one who thought that we may not win every game but we would always give our all. Maybe some of you think I am overreacting to a pre season game but this is just how I felt. Maybe you think it's different but I think if we have a mindset like that it makes us a very mentally weak team who will just stop trying when things get tough. And things will get tough this year.

I hope you enjoyed the read, see you in the forum and Tally Ho!
James Plowright, Manchester, England.