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What Fans of the Charlotte Bobcats Have to Look Forward To

Bobcats Bismack Biyombo Battles for the BallWhen your team sits at the absolute bottom of the league with a dismal 4-28 record the idea of looking forward to anything other than the end of the season (No 1) seems a little crazy. However, as someone who likes to at least try to find the silver lining in a season better compared to pyrite than an actual precious metal, I do believe we have a few things to look forward to:

The No 2 thing that we get to look forward to is a something that the team has done little of so far this season; we get to start the second half with everyone healthy! Woo hoo!

That brings me to No 3: Our next win will come against the Detroit Pistons on Leap Day, February 29. The Pistons rank towards the bottom of most significant statistical categories too. Part of the blame for the Bobcats ranking so low can be not having many of the starters during the season, but since they are all actually expected to be healthy and suit up on Wednesday I’m predicting a win.

No 4 is a little subjective, but like I’ve said, I’m a silver/pyrite lining kind of guy. I think this team is getting better. Kemba Walker is getting a ton of minutes, and getting some valuable experience on the court. Once the roster is healthy he will not be getting those minutes (probably), but I think he will be able to use that experience to make the most of the time he does get.

The Bizz-mack has begun to show the promise that comes with being a top 10 pick. While averaging only 16.8 minutes a game he has accumulated 52 blocks ranking him No 11 in the NBA. When the numbers are crunched further, and the number of blocks per 48 minutes is tallied he ranks second in the league (4.8). Those of you that still don’t like Bismack Biyombo need to quite being so negative; this kid can play.

The No 5 thing I think we can look forward to is the end of Paul Silas’s time as the head coach. I understand that the man has been put in a bind this year with an injury-prone, inexperienced team. It’s been challenging to put a team on the court, let alone a competitive one at times. However, what bothers me about this guy is the apparent cluelessness that he has no trouble sharing with the media.

There have been too many times this season where he has publicly stated that he didn’t know what to do with the team or a particular player. Regardless of whether it’s true, that is not something that the leader of the team should admit to anyone and everyone. The coach needs to be the rock that the team can lean on; the guy they can look to for confidence that everything will work out in the end. With Silas, you don’t get that.

A team with the youth that the Bobcats have on it is going to be very susceptible to the whims of its coach. If he doesn’t think too highly of things or doesn’t know what to do, neither will the players. I don’t see His Airness firing Silas in season, but I’d be shocked if he was back next season.

Of course the final thing to look forward to--No 6-- is pretty important; it will hopefully impact the team in a positive way for years to come. I’m talking about the lottery pick that comes with such a bad record (come on Anthony Davis!!!).