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Welcome to the Bobcats Larry Brown

Apr 29 2008 09:46 PM | ziggy in Sam Vincent

  Welcome to the Bobcats Larry Brown. We're glad to have you running the show here.  Over the past year we've had to suffer through a coach that:  Put Jeff McInnis in his starting lineup for two-thirds of the season. Alienated his...

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Sam Vincent has been fired

Apr 26 2008 09:37 AM | ziggy in Sam Vincent

After one season with the Charlotte Bobcats, Sam Vincent has been relieved of his coaching duties.NBA.com“The decision to remove Sam as head coach after just one season was difficult, but it was a decision that had to be made because my first obligatio...

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Blogcat's Take 4/22

Apr 22 2008 05:23 PM | ziggy in Sam Vincent

Rick Bonnell needs to step his game up.  And apparently I’m not alone in that conclusion: the second posting following Bonnell’s recent player-by-player review leads with the damning words “very soft analysis.”  Indeed, I’ve seen more in-depth sports a...

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Did the Bobcats players really lock the coach o...

Apr 19 2008 08:03 PM | ziggy in Sam Vincent

If this really happened, then it might just be the coolest thing ever. via John DeLong of the Winston-Salem Journal  We find that Jordan has lost that bet. We find that Sam Vincent is -- or, soon to be, was -- one of the worst coaches in NBA...

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Thursday Linkage : The Save us Paul Silas edition

Apr 09 2008 07:17 PM | ziggy in Sam Vincent

Wikipedia - The Wikipeia pages of available coaches that could replace a first year coach who is clearly in over his head that is currently coaching a young team that had playoff expectations but is once again stuck in the friggin lottery as a result...

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Wednesday Morning Linkage: The [bleep] the coac...

Apr 02 2008 06:17 PM | ziggy in Sam Vincent

NBA Rumors - reports that Bobcats players had a meeting where they said "[bleep] the coach, lets win for ourselves" Blazers Edge - imagines how Raymond Felton would look as the Blazer's future point guard Bobcat Bonfire - tells Sam Vincent th...

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Tom Ziller on Sam Vincent

Feb 26 2008 04:10 PM | ziggy in Sam Vincent

I ran across this nugget on AOL Fanhouse today. Tom Ziller ( of SactownRoyalty fortune and fame ) gives his 5 bleakest things in the NBA.  Do you want to take a guess as to who snuck onto the list at #5? Yes its our own fearless leader, the cap...

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Feb 24 2008 04:23 AM | ziggy in Sam Vincent

This picture says everything that needs to be said about the Charlotte Bobcats coaching situation. Paul Silas, Rick Carlisle, Doug Collins, Larry Brown... Someone PLEASE SAVE US.

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Summing up the Bobcats in 6 words

Feb 17 2008 02:38 AM | ziggy in Sam Vincent

Inspired by Tommy Tomlinson of the Charlotte Observer, members of BobcatPlanet have taken on the challenge of describing the Charlotte Bobcats in 6 words. The story goes that Ernest Hemingway once claimed his finest work consisted of six wor...

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The Sam Vincent update: When Ham Biscuits Attack

Feb 16 2008 02:33 AM | ziggy in Sam Vincent

If the image of Sam Vincent being hunted down by a rampaging out of control ham biscuit makes no sense to you, then click here and the mysteries surrounding this fine ham biscuit will be explained. More news on the Sam Vincent front. The AO...

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Earl Boykins signs with the Charlotte Bobcats

Jan 31 2008 02:33 PM | ziggy in Sam Vincent

  This season Sam Vincent has shown an incredible amount of commitment to Jeff McInnis. So much so that he has been willing to slide Raymond Felton over to the SG spot to insure that Jeff got the starting PG gig and that he was on the co...

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Bobcats News and Notes: The Funny Pants Edition

Jan 26 2008 01:34 AM | ziggy in Sam Vincent

In the potentially epic Sam Vincent photoshop thread , Coach gets a new pairof pants and has a guest appearance on Wheel of Fortune.   Jermareo Davidson has a solid night in his first D-League appearance: Davidson's line: 32...

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Bobcats News and Notes: The Sam Vincent edition

Jan 23 2008 04:39 PM | ziggy in Sam Vincent

In a recent  article from HoopsWorld, they discuss what the Bobcats are missing. This is their take : The most glaring question mark in Charlotte's lineup is in the backcourt. In an unexpected move, head coach Sam Vincent granted Jeff...

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Deep Thoughts: November basketball instructions...

Oct 27 2007 03:16 PM | ziggy in Sam Vincent

Wise words from Keetch  Dear Sam:  Here are your instructions for November Bobcats basketball. Don't experiment anymore.  Let's try to win k? Go ahead and start Hermann, he's a veteran and he's pretty go...

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My Fair GM: Blogcat's Take

May 31 2007 04:03 AM | ziggy in Sam Vincent

The Bobcats officially named Rod Higgins as their GM on Thursday.  In a press conference, Higgins thanked owners Michael Jordan and Bob Johnson for the opportunity, and then celebrated the moment with an impromptu rendition of his musical classic,...

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