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Deep Thoughts: November basketball instructions for Sam Vincent

Wise words from Keetch 

Dear Sam: 

Here are your instructions for November Bobcats basketball.

Don't experiment anymore.  Let's try to win k?

Go ahead and start Hermann, he's a veteran and he's pretty good at all facets of the game.  Can't lose with Fabio.

the 2 point guard thing (who's idea was that, was it Mokeski?).  Cut
back McInnis' minutes and give DA some playing time.  Again...quality

If you don't mix in Davidson, Dudley and Hollins, we
will fire you.  These guys are powerful talents that give us an
exciting future; but only if they get a little playing time to develop.

For every time you start Brezac, we will fine you $10,000 and suspend you for 2 games.

is teaching our bigs to box out, Phil Ford?  Sam; Mokeski is our bigs
coach, Phil the smalls.  If you forget, please ask Lee Rose; that's why
we hired him.

We are watching.  See you in December.