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Earl Boykins signs with the Charlotte Bobcats


dealnodeal.jpg This season Sam Vincent has shown an incredible amount of commitment to Jeff McInnis.

So much so that he has been willing to slide Raymond Felton over to the SG spot to insure that Jeff got the starting PG gig and that he was on the court running the show during critical times of the game.



Some of Sam's lineup choices don't make a lot of sense to me or other folks

BobcatsPlanet Member Mustachio for example:

never doubt the genius of Sam Vincent... he might start Earl at Power forward against the warriors.

for the acquistion of Boykins.... He gets Jeff out of there... but i
think this is just gonna give him free reign to start Raymond at SG.  
which in my opinion is a waste of space.

Raymond Felton is a freakin point guard.

Start Ray, Jason, Crash, Okafor, Nazr... or im gonna freakin explode. 

But adding Earl and presumably moving Jeff out of the starting lineup can't possibly do anything but help us in the win column and keep us in the hunt for the #8 seed in the Eastern Conference playoff race.

Fan reaction to the Boykins acquisition is extremely positive.  

For those of you that may be unaware what Earl can do, take a look here at Earl wearing out Steve Nash and the Suns for 33 points

or breaking various NBA PG ankles here