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Summing up the Bobcats in 6 words

Inspired by Tommy Tomlinson of the Charlotte Observer, members of BobcatPlanet have taken on the challenge of describing the Charlotte Bobcats in 6 words.

The story goes that Ernest Hemingway once claimed his finest work consisted of six words: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Here is a sampling of what we have come up with

Amour217 -   McInnis Starting Again?!  Someone Kill Me!

Muttley -  At least we played them close.

                Sam Vincent's mind, bad starting line.

Davcbow - And he calls himself a coach......

Ohara831 - Another near miss, but we tried!

Tupacalypse -    i hate my life...cheese doodles

                        sam vincent, every league has one

                        expletive x6

Ziggy - The Lady Bobcats... So very bouncy.

            Rick Carlise, Oh please save us!


If you have a good one that you'd like to add, leave it in a comment here