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The Sam Vincent update: When Ham Biscuits Attack

If the image of Sam Vincent being hunted down by a rampaging out of control ham biscuit makes no sense to you, then click here and the mysteries surrounding this fine ham biscuit will be explained.

More news on the Sam Vincent front.

The AOL Fanhouse is tossing out the prediction that Doug Collins might be in line to relieve Sam of his responsibilites as Bobcats head coach this summer. Heres their take on it:

Here's my prediction: he takes a job with the Bobcats this summer. By all accounts Sam Vincent is over-matched as a rookie head coach, and it's clear that Collins and Michael Jordan
have a connection (Collins coached him in Chicago and was hand-picked
by MJ to coach him again in DC). Plus, this would allow Collins to ease
back into the coaching mode and do what he does best: helping turn
around a team that doesn't know how to win. Mark my words; you heard it
hear first.

Apparently having a fan approval rating of 5.4% as a coach is not necessarily good for your long term security.