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Tom Ziller on Sam Vincent

I ran across this nugget on AOL Fanhouse today. Tom Ziller ( of SactownRoyalty fortune and fame ) gives his 5 bleakest things in the NBA.  Do you want to take a guess as to who snuck onto the list at #5? Yes its our own fearless leader, the captain of the ship, the man with the gameplan Sam Vincent.

5. Sam Vincent. He has reportedly lost his team, he has Primoz Brezec talking smack about him across international borders, and he's deciding now is the right time to tell Wallace he needs to change the way he plays to save his career? Dude is laid up recovering for AMNESIA
and you're laying this on him? Go away, Sam. He was freaking doubling
down onto a guy with the ball two feet from the rim. Should he not play
defense any more? Is playing with a vibrant motor not what NBA players
are supposed to do? Is there an Anti-Coach of the Year Award? Sam's
campaigning hard.

 Enjoy the full article here