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Should One of these Guys be the Charlotte Bobcats Next Head Coach?

Dave Joerger, assistant coach, Memphis GrizzliesThis is an exciting time of year for Charlotte Bobcats fans. Yea, it would be great if the team was actually still playing (and a lot more exciting). Right now the team has something that it didn’t really have much of all season—hope.

There is talent on the team. Another tremendous talent is going to be added in the coming draft. The only thing needed now is a coach that is going to be able to get this talented group to perform.

It would be nice to think that His Airness would be willing to open up the bank account and get a top quality guy, but I don’t think anyone is holding their breath in anticipation. However, there are some quality assistants out there that could very well become great head coaches.

The team was supposed to interview Memphis Grizzlies assistant coach David Joerger on Friday. After researching this guy I have to say the team can do a whole lot worse. He’s played a part in the Grizzlies becoming competitive since he joined them a few seasons ago. However, what has me excited about him is his time as a head coach in some of the lesser leagues.

Joerger led five teams to minor league championships in the NBA Developmental league, the International Basketball Association, and the Continental Basketball Association. That tells me that he knows how to take young talent, work with them, and turn them into winners.

I would have to vote no (like my vote actually matters) to Stephen Silas. Yes, the man knows the team having worked with them for the last season, but familiarity does not breed success. Heck, we all saw that.

It really bugs me that his dad handed him control of the team as often as he did this season. The more I research the matter the more I think that Paul Silas took the job just so he could try to set his son up with a head coaching job the following year. That could explain the lackluster effort he put into coaching the team (had to make sure that he wasn’t wanted back).

Stephen’s work ethic is solid; I’ll give him credit for that. The man has been a tremendous ambassador for the game, working in camps all over the world trying to promote the game of basketball and the NBA. I see nothing that tells me he’s ready to be a head coach though.

On Thursday, one of the greatest players in NBA history interviewed for the job; former New York Knicks great Patrick Ewing. I like it, but I’m not sure if it is the best thing for the Bobcats to do.

Over the years I’ve read about Ewing working with players and making a real difference in their careers. Being able to make a connection with guys on a one-on-one basis; a good coach has to be able to do that. I’m just not too sure about his ability to coach the team as a whole.

The NBA has always liked to hire its former players as head coaches. Currently there are 16 former players acting as head coaches. Some do well; some do not. Ewing could very well be a great one having been a solid assistant for the last nine years. With a guy like Joerger available that has more of a proven track record I can’t see the team going with Ewing.

That is unless His Airness decides to hire another buddy, and we all know how well that has worked out for him!


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