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Hornets Mail Bag

So, I promised, quite some time ago, that I’d produce an actual mail bag. Ricky B! has produced 3 in the same amount of time. What have I done? Well, I got married. Which also means I had a bachelor party weekend, a bachelor night and had my picture taken about 30,000 times. I also started a new job. Rick, Rick has had the same job for almost 30 years. He doesn’t have to manage anybody either.

Enough about me. Let’s answer some questions, with credit given to the ones asking the questions.

Who is not on the team in late February between lamb, mkg, marv, willy, frank? Which was asked by the irascible Chef. Long time fan of Chef, the avatar is tops. Get yer poppin kern here! 3D! Muppets Take Manhattan is in my top 5 of all time movies. Wedding time I kept singing to myself “Somebody’s getting married.” Ok, to answer your question, I’d say it all depends on where the Hornets are in the standings. If they’re low, they’re trading Lamb to see what they can get and then throw in Willy or Frank or something, prospects, picks. Marvin makes too much money to trade. I don’t think anyone would want Marvin Williams for anything the Hornets want. If Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has some offensive awakening, the Hornets fall in love with him and he’s solidly a Hornet for a while, gets injured in the next season and basically is a shell of himself for the duration of his contract. I think the most tradable player is Lamb but I don’t know what for or how to make it work. I don’t think I mentioned Frank Kaminsky in the above response. I forget Frank, as should most people. I’m trolling because I do believe him to be a troll himself and would love to be invited on his misogynist podcast. No, seriously Frank is ok with me. I don’t mind his game. I loved his acting in the McAlister’s commercial.

Chef, please let me know if I answered your question.

Tips for a aspiring writer? From GeraldWallaceMVP. I really miss Gerald Wallace. I wonder what his house looks like in Alabama. It’s probably really big but the grass looks like hell and there are toys and stuff everywhere. I don’t know tips other than just to write. You sit down and type and put stuff out and see what you re-read and you think “Man, that sounds legit.” Enjoy the act of writing because you have thoughts you have to get out and not because you need an audience. I did have some more tips besides just write. Surprise yourself sometimes! My biggest pet peeve is a “writer” who takes it too seriously but then puts something out with grammatical errors and misspellings or poor word usage. Like anything, take pride in what you’re doing. Again, don’t look for an audience, they’re not there. I write to get some thoughts out and if someone reads it, that’s awesome.

Holler if you ever have anything you want to bounce off me, not that I’m great or anything but it’s fun to talk if you’re worried about putting something out there.

Who do you think the starting line up will be and reason why? That’s from dav7z, who has been around forever and I really am honored to answer your question. I don’t freakin’ know.

Alright, send in your questions in the comments or email or twitter. therobertogato@gmail.com @BigCatBobcat on Twitter.

Totally kidding, I will give this my best shot. The givens are Kemba Walker and Nic Batum. Beyond that, it will flesh itself out in the preseason. I am really looking forward to seeing how new coach James Borrego handles pretty much the same roster that Clifford had. Batum might not be a given. I don’t even know his natural position at this point. I’d say Marvin Williams could be penciled in at power forward. It all really depends on what a first year coach wants for his style and line up. So many unknowns. My lineup would be Kemba, Monk,Batum, Marvin Williams and Zeller. I’d use Monk/Batum/MKG interchangeably. Lamb could get 6th man of the year, if the Hornets finish 2nd or 3rd in the East, which they won’t. Bridges and Bacon should get some burn but honestly, I really want to see who has the best chemistry with Kemba. I have this mental image of Kemba dragging all of these guys and that’s where the team goes and how the lineups will be determined.

Reality and basketball will determine the lineups. James Borrego will set them and I don’t know what his philosophy is. I need to do some research.

Those are the 3 questions I got. I’d love to answer more. You guys are the best.


    Sep 08 2018 09:34 AM

    Kemba with Batum and Wallace at the wing spots would be deadly




    and thanks I'll do that. I've already carved out a niche with music writing but would like to expand

    Kemba with Batum and Wallace at the wing spots would be deadly




    and thanks I'll do that. I've already carved out a niche with music writing but would like to expand


    Yes, and it wasn't until Wallaces 6th year at 24 started showing offense at 18 pts a game, and granted wasn't ever lights out shooting and his 'break out' here was 120 3PA at .325..  In his 7th year at 25 having MKG finally showing more offense game would be awesome...and not what the evil pessimist in me see's happening with his 3rd contract with somebody else.