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Jeopardy, the Magnificent!

Did you know there is only one major newspaper in Charlotte? There is only, and forever has only been, one writer that covers the NBA for that paper. He, like me, in this offseason is searching for things to write. He gets more questions on twitter than probably anyone else in the Hornets world. He takes those questions and makes a weekly column. I’m stealing his questions. So if he can co-op the fanbase and not give direct credit to anyone, I can take the questions that “fans” are asking and answer them here.

I don’t want to answer the questions as he was posed them by nameless faceless “fans.” I am going to do this Jeopardy! Style where I put in the answer and say “What is…” If you’re older than maybe 30, you may have heard of Johnny Carson. He had a Carnac sketch where he held an envelope up to his head and said the answer and then opened the sealed envelope to the questions. That’s what I’ll do. We’ll call it “Jeopardy, the Magnificent!”

Answer: That’s not a realistic option. Because the Hornets’ player payroll is far above the salary cap for the 2018-19 season, the rules don’t provide the Hornets a way to offer Walker an extension that would be comparable to what he can get as a free agent next summer.

Question: Can the Hornets possibly sign JJ from What’s Happening this off season, despite his advanced age and every time he shoots he says “DY-NO-MITE!”
(That’s the first Walker that came to mind)

What our intrepid writer at the local paper really wanted to say: Stop asking me this. Stop sending this question. Kemba is paid far less than he’s worth and to extend him you have to try and match his price up to what he’s getting now. It’s unpossible. Don’t ask me again. I don’t have time for this.

Answer: It would be a pleasant surprise if Parker, 17 seasons into his NBA career, does all the things on the court that Lin did for the Hornets in the 2015-16 season. Borrego might play Walker and Parker together some in fourth-quarter situations when it becomes particularly difficult to score, but I don’t anticipate Parker (or Monk, for that matter) having the physical strength Lin had to match up against bigger guards.

Question: Jeremy Lin, Tony Parker? What’s the differnt? FFFFFReal? Like, bad season and injury but they like ummm come a Charlotte and have awesome season right? Like palay offssss!

What he really wanted to say: Don’t you idiots realize how old Tony Parker is? Jeremy Lin? Lin, Monk, Parker, if I was the coach (which I probably should be) I’d play all of them at the same time and confuse the shit out of whoever the Hornets are playing. Plus Kemba he plays 48 minutes per game, so they all play at the same time, Borrego are you listening? Then the Hornets have every type of point guard and no one can guard them, they can kinda guard whoever but seriously, how dumb are you fans?

Answer: Probably Bridges, if just because he was the 12th overall pick, but that doesn’t mean Bacon is an afterthought. However, don’t forget about Jeremy Lamb, who is coming off his best NBA season and in a contract year.
The Hornets have a crowd at the wing positions and the minutes distribution is very much up for grabs. Barring a trade, someone good enough to be in an NBA rotation won’t play every game.
Question: What would you use to get over a body of water? (Go back and read it, I’m very proud of that one)

What I think is the answer to the actual question: Whoever is playing better. With a rookie you have no idea what you’re actually going to get. With a second round pick that played about 13 minutes per game and scored about 3 points per game, you have no idea if that was a fluke or what. You also don’t know how the rookie coach wants to set lineups over the entire season. So, yeah, Bridges, Bacon, Lamb all good options, none jumping off the page right now as taking the share of minutes.

Answer: It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s the opening-night starter, but I doubt he will be as featured by Borrego as he was by Clifford. Despite his offensive limitations, Kidd-Gilchrist is still this team’s best perimeter defender. It would be foolish for Borrego not to utilize that when a LeBron James or Russell Westbrook or Kyrie Irving is the opponent’s featured player. But Kidd-Gilchrist has started all but four of his previous 357 NBA games, and I suspect that pattern will change.

Question: What would surprise you and do you have any doubts about MKG being featured? Also, do you answer questions directly or just say what wouldn’t happen or just do process of elimination?
Send your questions for an actual mailbag where I’d say who the question is from to therobertogato@gmail.com or post them in the comments. I’ll actually answer them without sarcasm and very little condescension.


    Nice write-up Andrew, Alex Trebec would be proud!

    Who is not on the team in late February between lamb, mkg, marv, willy, frank?
    Jul 28 2018 11:46 AM
    Tips for a aspiring writer?
    Andrew Barraclough
    Jul 28 2018 01:21 PM
    You actually published it?!

    Who do you think the starting line up will be and reason why?