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What Does Summer League Say About Your Hornets

Do you even watch the Summer League? I don’t ever want to downplay anything the league does, honestly I don’t. The NBA is a year round phenomenon. The NFL tries to be but there is no competition outside of the August to February pre- regular and post- season schedules. I don’t even know about hockey and baseball stops in November and picks up again in like April. The NBA, didn’t the Warriors just beat whichever team Lebron played for in the East last weekend?

The Hornets were second favorite to win the summer league acording to some Vegas odds I saw on Twitter. That seems strong to me. It says something about a young core. I guess it does anyway.

I didn’t watch a single second of the Summer League. I saw a highlight. One, single, highlight.

Yeah that was badass. He tried some off the backboard stuff but that dunk was strong. I think I’m gonna like this kid Bridges.

The Summer League as a whole, is purported to be a huge waste of money. Like a luxury for people who already live luxuriously. Well maybe not a huge waste, but one of those business trips that you wish you could go on when you’re part of the support staff. It’s big business, and a cost of doing business to see what you have, coaches, players, prospects.

The Hornets lost to open the tournament play, so they are done. There were a couple injuries to report which I don’t like but there are dumber injuries to be found out there. Malik Monk supposedly broke his thumb but then it wasn’t a break. Devonte Graham has a lesion on his something something in his knee. So, for those reasons I don’t like the Summer League.

Another reason I don’t like summer league: you don’t get to see the players you want to see. An all world player is not going to run up and down and bang with some dude trying to make a G-League squad. It reminds me of the NC Pro-Am that I went to a couple summers back in Durham. I was all excited because John Wall, Raymond Felton and some other players with NC ties would show up from time to time but on a random Tuesday night? The Plumlees were the star attractions. We’re talking midsummer Duke years Plumlees but the most I remember was one or two of them playing in a wheelchair basketball scrimmage.

I’m not complaining about anything the league or the Hornets want to do. Please, showcase basketball year round and have Lebon show up in his ugly ass Lakers shorts to get people all juiced up. Bring about 40-60 people out to Vegas and show them a good time. Nothing makes a team come together better than $200 steaks and staying in a nice hotel. I just don’t want to watch it and I don’t want first rounders getting injured.


    My reaction when I first saw that dunk.



    For what it's worth, Devonte wasn't injured in SL, they dmerely discovered the issue. One could argue that they discovered it sooner rather than later because of SL. Not sure I totally buy that but eh, it seems realistic based on it not being an injury but a condition.
    Jul 16 2018 08:15 PM

    Andrew, a lot of us were hyped for the Summer League. The thread has over 300 replies and it has generated a lot of NBA talk in an otherwise dead time. It's exciting to see the rookies for the first time and young players continue to develop. Maybe if you saw a little more of our first round pick or how Monk briefly looked you would get a little more excited man. Thanks for the article

    It was more interesting this year having all the teams playing in Vegas. I dont get to see any college games so summer league gives me a chance to see what the rookies can do. I like that it also gives undrafted guys another chance to show off their skills under a new coach to possibly get signed.

    I think Chef hit the nail on the head in the Summer League thread ... it tells you more about what a player can't do than what he will be able to do against NBA teams. From that perspective, it's so far so good for both our rookies.

    Andrew Barraclough
    Jul 17 2018 12:45 PM
    Agreed with all of you. Excellent points. They did discover it rather than have an injury and yes, for hoop heads there is nothing better thanks for reading and commenting

    Loved the summer league. Bridges is a monster . Can jump out the gym  . can shoot it a little . He has decent form on his jumper He only needs reps. Graham can pass it and has game . He looks to be a good rotation player if he stays healthy.  If Monk can get it all together he is all star material in a year or two. Willy put up a case  to be the back up center


      With the kids this is a very deep team .  We talk rebuild  but this is a nice core now.

    I think Chef hit the nail on the head in the Summer League thread ... it tells you more about what a player can't do than what he will be able to do against NBA teams. From that perspective, it's so far so good for both our rookies.

    Don't tell chef that, it'll get to his head.

    Don't tell chef that, it'll get to his head.

    Duly noted ... I’ll call him out on something random next time, to equalise the ego.