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I'm Back! Bobcats Blogger Returns

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Hello, Friends!  And I do mean friends.  After over a year in exile, I, Andrew Barraclough/BIGCatBobcat/theRobertoGato (the original, accept no imitations), am back home at BobcatsPlanet.com.  Ziggy and I talked through our issues, and believe me, they were many (they weren't really many) and I've agreed to come back.  I had one condition however:  my first post back has to have a picture of the hottest Bobcats dancers, on the front page and as big as I'm allowed to make it.  You're welcome.

If you actually want the sordid details of my time away from BobcatsPlanet, the first and what should have been the only place I ever posted, we can deal with that on a personal basis.  But I will tell you this, I missed everyone here, especially our hero, the man who runs this site "Ziggy."

We never had any issues, of course he bid me farewell and wished me the best when I thought a special opportunity arose and didn't say "I told you so," when I came to him as a friend when I ran into issues.

Can I tell you the area of the photo to the left that is in the window as I type is fantastic?  Just works out that way and if I keep typing, it might go away...

That's why they made the scroll wheel, right fellas?  Many of you know, me, many of you might not.  Quite a few of you might not even care, but I'll tell you this, I'm passionate about the Charlotte Bobcats.  If you're here, if you post in the forums, you are too.  Judging by the TV numbers and attendance (I'm talking about the people who have season tickets or come to the odd game as a Bobcats fan, not these front runners that cheer Miami, Boston, Chicago, the Lakers or the Clippers) we are a select few.  That's ok.  We'll be the guys in 10 years saying "Yep, I was there for 8-58 (that's right, they'll win against either Orlando or New York)," or "We were on BobcatsPlanet posting from the beginning, or well, yeah the early days."  We'll be the old men in the online version of a rocking chair telling the whipper snappers they don't know how good they've got it, when the Bobcats are perennial playoff contenders and Anthony Davis is in that Tim Duncan, waning part of his career after 2-3 championships.

For now though, if I can keep it real, and I hope that I can, the Bobcats are bad.  All we have is the hope that Kemba Walker will develop into a complete point guard and Bismack Biyombo might one day be a legitimate big-man in the NBA and hold out hope that the general direction of Michael Jordan and his front office, will some day work out.  That's all we've got to grasp at right now.

There is the draft, or there will be anyway, and before that, most importantly, the NBA Draft Lottery.  Ping pong balls, much like one of those ridiculous Thursday nights, in my friend's garage in college, will determine a large chunk of the future.  For me, I went on a run at the beer pong table, got stuck taking on all comers while the chick I liked ended up on the couch with some pseudo-intellectual.  For the Bobcats, will the ping-pong balls go in their favor?  Or will Anthony Davis end up on the couch with a pseudo-intellectual?  Like the Wizards or Kings or something.

So, if you're still wondering who I am or what I'm about, a little history:  I was born, a poor black child...(If you've seen The Jerk with Steve Martin, you get that one)...skip ahead, we moved south to the Charlotte area when I was in 3rd grade and that was just as the Hornets were hitting their second season.  I became a huge fan of the NBA, and Larry "Grandmama" Johnson the following season and deepened my fandom with Alonzo Mourning.  We even named our cat Muggsy.  As I went to college, the Hornets hit their stride with the playoff years with the headbands and Baron Davis, but of course, we know how that story went.

After I left college, yes, left not graduated, and a few years floundering, I moved in with some old friends.  On the night we decided to go check out houses, the Bobcats played their first ever game.  It was a pre-season affair in the old coliseum, and we went.  And so began a renewed passion for the NBA in Charlotte, NC.  My old roommate, probably my oldest friend, Nic "Mustachio" on the message boards here, started visiting BobcatsPlanet.com.  What the hell?  I mean he can't talk to a person in real life about basketball?  I mean seriously, this was my issue and my response when he hogged the desktop (yes, we still had the one desktop computer hardwired to the internet, at least it wasn't dial-up).  When I finally decided to check it out, I was amazed.  Here was a community of people, discussing, sometimes rationally, the team we all shared a love for. Yeah, there was a blog attached, and I had started dipping my toe in that world, but I had no idea what I was doing.  I just wanted to talk hoops.

Eventually, after about a year of just being involved on the boards, I found myself doing more and more research on my posts and trying to make lucid arguments.  Ziggy needed somebody to post, just to keep up, and it became a real blessing, because it opened me up to a world I really didn't know before.  I was writing, which I figured I must have been good at, because I got some feedback that was positive and my Mom and sister told me so.

Through twitter (BigCatBobcat there as well as theRobertoGato) I found out about a possibility to make some money, or so I thought doing this on my own.  I leaped before looking, and took it on.  The rest is history, I am back now.

I've been a season ticket holder, a blogger, invited to black tie events put on by the Bobcats, I've been to private practices, talked to a few agents and even met some players, and exchanged emails and twitter messages, but bottom line is, I'm a fan.  That's what we're all doing here.  Either trying to rationalize our passion for this team or work through the deep seeded issues that have drawn us to the franchise.

It's out of pure joy and gratitude that I say:  I'm back, bitches.