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Somehow this woman is NOT the Hottest Lady Bobcat

In a purely scientific survey at BobcatsPlanet the question was asked: "Who is the hottest Lady Bobcat?". After extensive research and debate the voters selected the admitedly lovely Jordan. Jordan is just fine and dandy, very cute  yada yada, yada... But my question is, How can anyone in their right mind not choose Natasha? I am ashamed to admit that the voters have failed me.... No, they haven't just failed me. They have failed this poor girl Natasha, In all likelyhood she'll wind up crying herself to sleep night after night because of the fact the voters simply don't feel that she is hot enough. Lets all get down on our knees pray that she is able to survive this very public rejection of her "hotness".  In time maybe she can pick up the pieces, rebuild her confidence, repair her self esteem, strengthen her spirit to become the truly hot woman that she aspired to be.    Voters you must look deep into your heart and ask yourselves the question, How can you live with yoursellf after knowing what you have done to this poor woman's hopes and dreams.


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