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NBA Draft

How Much Stock To Put In Draft Grades

Jul 04 2018 02:22 PM | Andrew Barraclough in NBA Draft

My first two posts back at HornetsPlanet have been Draft Grades for the 2018 NBA Draft and my opinion on Kemba Walker’s trade possibilities.  The one big thing I agree with Tom Sorensen on in his column is that Kemba Walker is the one player...

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Charlotte Hornets Draft Grade 2018

Jun 25 2018 07:44 PM | Andrew Barraclough in NBA Draft

So the Hornets had another draft pick. It’s a yearly passage. Whether they will use them, whether those they use them on will play, if they will be 7’ and white. All questions that are answered yearly. Charlotte picked last week. The 2018 Draft came,...

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Blogcat's Take: 2016 Draft

Jun 25 2016 12:52 PM | Blogcat in NBA Draft

I’ll say this for Rich Cho: the Hornets GM doesn’t just zig when everyone thinks he’s going to zag, he turbo-zigs. He hyper-zigs. He zigs 88 mph in a DeLorean. My gut reaction to the decision to trade the 22nd overall pick in the draft for Marco Beline...

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The Marco Belinelli CSI/Trade/Speculation/Rumor...

Jun 24 2016 06:08 PM | ziggy in NBA Draft

We can figure this out... We know that SOMETHING is going to happen by July 7th and that right now the powers that be cannot talk about it. But I think we put on our collective CSI hats we can figure out what's happening before then. To start thing...

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2016 NBA Draft Thread

May 13 2016 10:24 AM | jfoster in NBA Draft

So the nba draft is a little more than a month away and the hornets have the number 22nd pick,no second round pick. I know most are expecting the team to trade the pick BUT. If not who would you like to see the team draft? The mock drafts i have seen...

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So about those 3 rookies (Kaminsky, Winslow...

Apr 08 2016 03:00 AM | buckets in NBA Draft

A recent thread was devoted to Winslow vs Frank vs Booker and I finally took a proper look at picks #9, #10, and #13. Personally, I think all 3 teams 14 lottery teams did well for themselves. Every 2015 lottery selection has played 1200+ minutes except...

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Blogcat's Take, 6/27 - The Post-Draft Edition

Jun 27 2015 10:48 AM | Blogcat in NBA Draft

Man, after the last 48 hours, my head is spinning right round—like a record, baby, right round. Trades! Draft picks! Sleeved Jerseys! During the draft I was so wired and discombobulated that I was basically reduced to trolling Rick Bonnell on Twitter (...

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Charlotte Hornets select Frank Kaminsky over Ju...

Jun 26 2015 04:36 AM | Chef in NBA Draft

I am too disappointed to think about him starting or not. Still just shaking my head. in defense of not taking winslow: winslow is an undersized sf or a non-shooting, weak handled sg whichever way you prefer to look at it. i keep seeing 6'6", he meas...

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The Charlotte Hornets get the 9th pick. Who wil...

May 19 2015 08:02 PM | ziggy in NBA Draft

With the lottery scam over, we know that we will be picking at #9. OK folks, Who will that pick be?

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NBA Draft Lottery Reform Alternatives

Oct 23 2014 10:19 PM | QC Thundercats in NBA Draft

I posted this before, but since we're discussing the lottery again, here it is for reconsideration. Even though any system has its flaws and ways to be exploited, I think I've eliminated most of the glaring flaws, and I feel any weakness here is still...

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Blogcat’s Take, 6/28

Jun 28 2014 02:09 PM | Blogcat in NBA Draft

My lord, find me a happier set of weeks in Bobcats/Hornets history since...ever? I guess with the franchise’s recent agreement with the NBA you’re technically allowed to reach back to the original Charlotte Hornets, but those don’t count because I wasn...

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Charlotte Hornets select PJ Hairston with the #...

Jun 26 2014 09:21 PM | ziggy in NBA Draft

After selecting Shabazz Napier at 24, the Charlotte Hornets trade him away for the Miami Heat's #26 pick and two second rounders. they use that #26 pick to select elite shooter PJ Hairston. What are your thoughts on this pick?

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Charlotte Hornets select Noah Vonleh at #9

Jun 26 2014 07:36 PM | ziggy in NBA Draft

Charlotte selects Noah Vonleh after he slides to #9 Noah... Welcome to Charlotte!!! HornetsPlanet, What are your thoughts on the pick?

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Join Us for the 2014 HornetsPlanet NBA Draft Chat

Jun 23 2014 09:20 PM | ziggy in NBA Draft

Be there for the celebration or be there for the meltdown...But be there!!! First of all, only registered members can get into the chat room so if you are unregistered, be sure to sign up today to make sure that you can get in on draft night. >...

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The Official 2014 NBA Draft Week Thread

Jun 22 2014 07:55 PM | ziggy in NBA Draft

The week of the draft is usually crazy with rumors, trades, teams moving up, teams moving down, smokescreens, player promises, agents lying to GMs and GMs lying to agents. Whatever news or rumors you hear, plop it into this thread for us to discuss....

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Could Joel Embiid fall to the Charlotte Hornets...

Jun 19 2014 01:01 PM | GoBobs in NBA Draft

People were already wondering if he could stay healthy with the super sketchy back injuries. Now he also has an injured foot, likely a fractured foot. If it is the serious type of fractured foot (like Brook Lopez) that requires a player to miss aroun...

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Could Julius Randle be available for the Charlo...

Jun 13 2014 11:45 AM | @JPlowright_NBA in NBA Draft

So yesterday Woj tweeted about Randle: "Kentucky Forward Julius Randle will likely need foot surgery after NBA draft, miss two months" Julius Randle then Tweeted: "No disrespect but check with the actual source next time before you put something like...

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