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Is Michael Kidd-Gilchrist the Man for the Bobcats?

Apr 15 2012 03:20 AM | Travis Pulver in NBA Draft

Now it is safe to say that the consensus first pick is Anthony Davis. However, since we don’t know for certain that the Bobcats are going to get the first pick, the team will have to be ready to choose someone else when it does become their turn. So...

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How Would Andre Drummond Look in a Charlotte Bo...

Apr 08 2012 12:32 AM | Travis Pulver in NBA Draft

The good thing about having one of the lottery picks in the coming draft is that it is hard to go wrong with whoever you pick. Every player that will get taken in the early part of the first round is bound to make a difference on whatever team they hap...

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BCP NBA 2012 Mock Draft 1.0

Feb 25 2012 12:00 AM | Swedd523 in NBA Draft

Well folks, our season is firmly down the drain.  Many of you have given up all hope on this season, and that is perfectly understandable as it seems the majority of the team has done the same.  On the bright side, college basketball conference play ha...

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Number Crunching

Feb 08 2012 05:59 PM | Swedd523 in NBA Draft

Hello Bobcats fans.  Shortly after the loss to the Boston Celtics last night, I got to thinking.  We have had some bad seasons in our short history, but this one is pretty bad.  Our first season (2004-05) ended with an 18-64 record.  This year, we’re o...

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2011 Draft: My Take - Pick #7

Jun 26 2011 05:08 PM | BRNC in NBA Draft

Celebration? or Buyers' remorse? I'd like to take a moment to get some readers up to speed if they missed the draft. Charlotte made a huge three team trade sending the team's best offensive weapon, Stephen Jackson, along with Shaun Livingston...

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Draft 2011: The Results

Jun 26 2011 04:33 PM | Nick Denning in NBA Draft

It was an interesting and entertaining night. Amongst the  multiple trade downs by the Timberwolves (I probably  screamed KAAAHHNN a dozen times), the seemingly  infinite amount of factory produced European players, and  the number of times Jay Bil...

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2011 Draft: My Take - Finale

Jun 20 2011 01:55 PM | BRNC in NBA Draft

Chris Singleton Preparing for the Draft. We are now two days plus some hours (depending on the time of posting) from the 2011 draft. The Bobcats, I'm very pleased to say, have started the prospect workout portion of evaluating players with a fury....

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2011 NBA Draft: My Take, Part Deux

May 31 2011 09:16 AM | BRNC in NBA Draft

If he falls I'm drafting him! Welcome to the second part of the 2011 "MY Take" on the draft. In part one I talked about the importance, from my perspective, of the need to have a plan as the draft approaches. But we all know that what we think might h...

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Charlotte Bobcats Linkage 6/21

Jun 21 2008 06:29 AM | Guest in NBA Draft

Bobcats.com - Must watch video of the Bobcats recent workout with Russell Westbrook and Kosta KoufosQueen City Hoops - Gives us 8 ways to become champsBobcats Baseline - Lets us know that there are only 6 shopping days leftYoutube footage of Winthrop g...

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5 reasons NOT to draft Brook Lopez

Jun 15 2008 05:13 PM | Guest in NBA Draft

1.  Word has it that Brook was easily handled (including getting his shot stuffed a few times) by Timberwolves Color Analyst Jim Peterson during their workouts a week ago... I repeat, THEIR COLOR ANALYST!!!2. Brook is a male who is a fan of the TV show...

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NBA Predraft camp required reading

May 29 2008 07:13 PM | Guest in NBA Draft

Draftexpress - Day One RecapDraftexpress - Day Two Recap In terms of the bigs, it was nice to see Joey Dorsey and Devon Hardin being active and getting after it. The two most sculpted players in the camp did a great job making their presence felt de...

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Super Jermareo

Jul 06 2007 12:59 PM | Guest in NBA Draft

One of the reasons why I fell in love with the Bobcats was there underdog status when they came in the league, a badge they still wear proudly despite being one of the fastest maturing franchises in NBA history. In fact, most of the music, art, books,...

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The case against picking J.J. Redick in the 200...

Feb 20 2006 08:46 AM | Guest in NBA Draft

In the 2006 NBA draft some team is going to make J.J. Redick a lottery pick, in all likelihood a very high lottery pick. The reasons that some team will make this pick are obvious. He has arguably the smoothest most pure shooting stroke at the...

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