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Bobcats Make Dramatic Change, Also Announce New...

Jun 20 2012 04:33 PM | Blogcat in Bob Johnson

I always love when a team unveils new uniforms, because it means we get these adorable, quasi-gay photos of the players fondling each other in them, looking as if they’re about to break into song.  This latest sartorial change to the Bobcats has...

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Buzz: Ownership and The Answer

Aug 21 2009 05:07 PM | BigCatBobcat in Bob Johnson

The Charlotte Bobcats news feed is sort of sparking up, yeah...a buzz is happening this week. Dog days of summer and all of a sudden hey now, Bobcats. It's on the heels of a few Tweets, twits, I swear, somebody tell me what to call those things. I d...

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Man, I never thought the playoffs could be so B...

May 06 2009 08:51 PM | BigCatBobcat in Bob Johnson

The playoffs back in those years between local NBA franchises were kind of fun.  The Hornets basically left town in 01-02, but that was my freshman year in college and anything cheap and different was awesome.  We got in to 3 Playoff games that year fo...

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2009 Charlotte Bobcats training camp will be he...

Apr 17 2009 12:25 PM | ziggy in Bob Johnson

A quick note from KCBD.com In an effort to cut costs, the Charlotte Bobcats likely will hold next season's training camp at their own practice facility and not field a summer league team. Coach Larry Brown says Friday that the weeklong training camp...

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Sep 24 2008 09:45 AM | ziggy in Bob Johnson

Note: ** This was written prior to the Carl Landry signing   Okay, maybe Ziggy is right. There really is NOTHING going on in Bobcats Universe right now. So, with so much time to think about the team and no games to watch or news to read (the Donell Tay...

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Blogcat's take 4/18

Apr 17 2008 07:34 PM | ziggy in Bob Johnson

The Bobcats season ended with a whimper on Wednesday—a literal whimper, that is, as owner Bob Johnson complained about a lack of “support” (or in other words, “money”) from Charlotte businesses.  As always, Johnson’s timing was perfect…ly bizarre.  Jus...

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Response to Bob Johnson's comments

Apr 14 2008 07:31 PM | ziggy in Bob Johnson

BobcatsPlanet member TheBeagle reponds to comments made by Charlotte Bobcats owner Bob Johnson.  I live about 70-75 miles north of Charlotte.  I only venture to the Queen City to see the Cats and go to the Heroes ComicCon once every few years...

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Idle Hands Now Devlin's Workshop

Jun 06 2007 09:02 AM | ziggy in Bob Johnson

I regret to inform you that televised Bobcats games (at least, those 30% or so they bother to broadcast) will no longer feature Matt Devlin on play-by-play.  This comes as a tremendous blow to those of us who’ve suffered through the last thr...

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Is Bob Johnson the Grinch?

Dec 24 2006 02:00 AM | ziggy in Bob Johnson

The Charlotte Observer reported today thaCharlotte Bobcats majority owner Bob Johnson has blocked the attempts of minority owner Felix Sabtas to donate his shares of the team to charity.    Snippet from the Observer Charlotte Bo...

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The Miser

Aug 03 2006 07:46 AM | ziggy in Bob Johnson

miser A miser is a person who is reluctant to spend money, usually to the point of forgoing even basic comforts. The term derives from the Latin miser, meaning "poor" or "wretched." - wikipedia Jumaine Jones made approximately 1.875...

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