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Note: ** This was written prior to the Carl Landry signing  

Okay, maybe Ziggy is right. There really is NOTHING going on in Bobcats Universe right now. So, with so much time to think about the team and no games to watch or news to read (the Donell Taylor signing wasn't exactly BIG news) I have all these crazy ideas going around in my head and most of them are just that- crazy. However, every once in a while I'll have one that I think is actually a good one. Here is the latest one: If Bob Johnson isn't happy with the teams popularity (or lack there of) in and around Charlotte then this is what he should do: Instead of having training camp in Wilmington and playing all of the home preseason games in Charlotte, the team should have training camp in Columbia, SC at the USC campus and play one preseason game in Raleigh at the RBC Center.

Why? This is why: Wilmington is 195 miles from Charlotte and has a population of 75,00 and a metro population of 275,000. Columbia is only an hour and a half from Charlotte (about 95 miles away) and has a poulation of 125,000 and a metro area of 716,000. If Johnson wants to expand the fan base throughout the region then it makes logical sense. The fact that Wilmington is MJ's hometown isn't enough of a reason to ignore the Columbia market. The team should try to be not just Charlotte's NBA team but the NBA team of both Carolinas. The Panthers have Carolina in their name and they have training camp in Spartensburg, SC every year so why shouldn't the Bobcats follow suit? The USC campus is very nice and alot of NBA teams go to a college nearby (ex. Houston Rockets have their's at the University of Texas in Austin).

Why does a preseason game in Raleigh make sense? The same logic applies. The Raleigh-Durahm metro area is the secong largest in the state and the RBC Center is an NBA type of arena. The NBA and NHL have similar standards for their arenas so it makes more sense than say the Dean Smith Center. Increasing your exposure throughout the reigon is something most NBA teams do. The Magic play a preseason game in Tampa every year and the Lakers are actually hosting the Bobcats this year in Anaheim and San Diego!

I'm sure Johnson will be fine financially without me giving him advice. Afterall, he did sell BET for 3 billion dollars. I'm just sayin' he might want to think about this one.