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Buzz: Ownership and The Answer

The Charlotte Bobcats news feed is sort of sparking up, yeah...a buzz is happening this week. Dog days of summer and all of a sudden hey now, Bobcats. It's on the heels of a few Tweets, twits, I swear, somebody tell me what to call those things. I don't get on twitter.com. It's interesting because these guys are breaking their own stories. AI says "Charlotte, New York, Miami" and the world breaks loose. Then he says something about he's not worried about the money, worried about getting a championship. Good for AI. We have 2 small guys who don't pass the ball great for a PG, thanks.

Larry Brown said as much. Money, playing time, bad attitude. No, I added the attitude part. Allen Iverson is a solid player. He can still get to the basket and if he doesn't he's got a nice shot. He's never been known for making anyone better. He's probably not the Answer for the questions we have here in Charlotte. I would like to go ahead and say I don't really like Allen Iverson. We have 2 young small guards most likely on the up and up. We have Raja Bell who can put in 25 occasionally. I just don't see the draw, or appeal. I wouldn't turn the guy away for the veteran minimum. Detroit did well with him, or without him. Don't forget he got Keyshawned last year. He was pissed because he didn't get playing time. He and Richard Hamilton had a little contest to see who would come off the bench and who wouldn't and who could complain in the media the most and whatever. Go home and don't come back, we like Rip and you are done anyway...get out!

AI is a hall of fame career guy. Like I said, I wouldn't turn him away. Bleacher Report is saying it's a done deal:  Officials with one of his endorsers, Reebok, have told league executives they believe Iverson will eventually sign with Brown in Charlotte. That’s been A.I.’s preference too.

I don't take Bleacher Report any more seriously than I take myself.  Especially since they didn't give credit to the same article they are pulling from which to me says that no one believes that it'll go down like everyone thinks.  Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski plays it down pretty heavily.  Larry Brown as the most quotable coach in the league has become "the clearinghouse" for all things AI.  So, bottom line: someone will sign AI and that includes the Charlotte Bobcats.  Translation: the Bobcats are somebody.

Ownership, much in the same way, the Bobcats will be owned by somebody.  Whether it's Michael Jordan and a group of investors (who knew MJ didn't have the cheddar all by himself?), George Postolos (respected but again, CEO of a group), Bob Johnson or any number of a group of 5 bidders, it's up in the air right now.  I have no idea, and believe me I've looked, where this story broke or how it got hot this week but it's out there.  "Soon" is what they were saying Tuesday.

I went through a whole thing a year ago, researching and trying to figure out who Bob Johnson was.  Turns out he's a rich guy who wanted to own the Washington Wizards, couldn't and was awarded the franchise here in Charlotte.  He made an early impression of saying he was dedicated to the city and the team, turns out he moved a bunch of guys from Washington down here and he was rarely in town or attached to the team.  It just hasn't worked for him or us.  He announced or it leaked from the firm trying to sell the team (could you imagine being a broker like that?), that he was unhappy, didn't feel it and wanted to sell.  Dude is buying up stuff like it's his job.  He's one of those investors that gets involved in a bit of everything.  He was awarded a special thing where he could buy troubled assets or something under the TARP, I don't know exactly but the guy has a lot of irons in the fire and honestly I wish him well, but get out.  Go home and stay away from my Bobcats.

Alternately, Rick Bonnell posted that he may be taking the team off the market.  Wow, so the Observer is reporting the team could be sold "soon" and that it might be taken off the market, at the same time.  That's like the episode of Family Guy where Peter stays in the house while Meg and Lois are on spring break and another family moves in because the bank foreclosed.  Can't do both.

I want resolution but with no games for the next 2 months, I don't see anyone under any duress to sign a guy or buy the team or decide he's not selling.  It's the "no-answer" answer.  My grandfather used to give it when you'd ask him something in his last months:  "Whatever...."


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