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Response to Bob Johnson's comments

BobcatsPlanet member TheBeagle reponds to comments made by Charlotte Bobcats owner Bob Johnson.

 I live about 70-75 miles north of Charlotte.  I only venture to the Queen City to see the Cats and go to the Heroes ComicCon once every few years and to see Panthers playoff games (which averages to one game a century!).  I'm totally ignorant of the politics, its populace, its populace's politics, etc.  Therefore my input about the relationship between Charlotte and its sports comes only from assumptions and inferences.

1.  Like most all of the South, it cherishes its college sports more dearly than pro teams.

2.  There is still massive enmity with the NBA about what went down with the Hornets...and probably always will be.

3.  Generally speaking, racism is definitely still prevelant in the area, and having a team managed by a signifcant number of blacks makes the team a lightning rod for controversy....BUT these morons have no effect on the team in reality;  I find it hard to believe that any racist would have ever been interested in the NBA in the first place, so they were likely never Hornets fans either, and if so, they are fans I'd soon as not have.  These braindead jacklegs, though, are in the minority, and like all hate mongers, they only only their mouths to spew venom (and give each other the occasional BJ.....sorry had to get that in there Tongue ) so take all that you read/hear with a grain of salt...I know I do.

4.  With a contending team, and respectable media coverage, both local and national, I doubt there will be a problem getting 19.2K into the arena on a consistent basis.

5.  We live in a rude and hostile world, yet ironically, people have as much of a need as ever to feel a sense of belonging and to be a part of a group.  I think this figures into the response the Bobcats have recieved; basically, instead of being a part of something new and giving it a chance, they'd rather subvert together and hate on the NBA because that's what everyone else is doing.  I could be wrong about this, but I really get this impression when I listen to the occasional sports talk radio, notably Primetime on WFNZ, and the pleebs that call in and trash anything that's not college or football related for no reason.  I guess think of it as "mob mentality."  Obviously, these people can be easily swayed because when it becomes trendy to talk about the NBA and the Bobcats, these same people will be the ones saying they were on the "bandwagon" from day one.

6.  Bob needs to chill out and realize there's a brutal economy out there right now.  A billionaire whining about losing money to a fanbase that is mostly middle class comes off in poor taste.  Like one of the interviewees indicates in the article, a winning team will bring about more interest in both casual fans and potential investors.  

7.  As long as MJ gives equal time to his business as he does his personal, I have no problem with him remaining in cognito.  Now, if he were majority owner, or even the titled GM, I'd expect to see more of him in Charlotte, but he's in charge of basketball operations, not media relations, not community relations.  I know I'm in the minority on this, but I don't see how he has any obligation to Charlotte outside of putting a winning team on the court; just let him do his job.

8.  Last point.  I don't understand why there is the concern about attendance thus far in the team's history.  I think it would've been terribly naive to think that you take a winning team out of a city and dump another expansion team in its place that you'd get sell out crowds automatically.  The NBA is nothing new to the area, so there is no novelty in it (a la the Oklahoma City experiment).  I'm impressed with 24th out of 30, to be honest, especially considering the disappointment this season has been.  Hell, there's 6 teams with worse attendance, and there's 7 teams with a worse record than us, as of now, so I think that's acceptable.