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The Miser

A miser is a person who is reluctant to spend money, usually to the point of forgoing even basic comforts. The term derives from the Latin miser, meaning "poor" or "wretched."   - wikipedia

scrooge Jumaine Jones made approximately 1.875 million dollars last season. He was one of the only Bobcats last season who was able to consistently knock down shots from the perimeter. Raymond Felton, Brevin Knight, Gerald Wallace make their living off of driving and slashing instead of knocking down jumpers. The Bobcats are rumored to be considering replacing Jumaine with Argentenian import Walter Hermann. This would all be fine and dandy except that he is a less experienced duplication of 2 other Bobcats currently on the roster, Gerald Wallace and Bernard Robinson. The only thing this signing would accomplish is knocking off 1.4 million of the Bobcats cap (assuming they sign Hermann at the veteran minimum) and losing a much needed perimeter shooter from the roster. Now if you're a team like the New York Knicks who are in salary cap Hades, then this type of move should be applauded, But the Bobcats are currently about 500 gazillion dollars below the salary minimum and there are zero rumors of any significant free agent signings on the horizon.

In a recent debate thats been going on recently in a thread in our forum, there has been much  concern over whether or not Scrooge McDuck Bob Johnson will EVER spend any money.

Paraphrasing one of our members in this thread .
Winning games is about who has the most talent that they can put on the court, not who has the most salary cap space.

Debating if offering Chris Wilcox a fat contract would be a good idea...

What this signing would really do for me as a Bobcats fan is prove that we won't be in a perennial cycle of saving cap space for next season. I can hear the 2007 free agency excuses already. they'll let Vince Carter and Antowain Jamison get away to somebody else and then they will claim that there isn't anybody else worth giving big bucks too in that class so the best thing to do is save money for 2008.
2008 another excuse to save money for 2009.
2009 another excuse to save money for 2010.

And so on And so on And so on.