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5 Reasons The Bobcats Will Get The #1 Pick!

If you look back in NBA history, we can recall many hmmm moments in the NBA Lottery. Remember when Patrick Ewing became the saviour of the Big Apple? I'm also sure you remember Tim Duncan going to San Antonio to be one of the Twin Towers when the Admiral was near the end of his career. How about Lebron James going home to Cleveland, then Derrick Rose going home to Chicago? Then we have the most recent, when Lebron James took his talents to South Beach and the next thing you know, the #1 Pick goes to Cleveland?

Maybe these Cinderella stories are just coincidences, or maybe there is a little more to them than we will ever know. Either way, they happened and there is no turning back now. So let's just focus on tonight and hope that we get the #1 pick.

If a hmmm moment happens tonight and goes in the Bobcats favor, I can give you 5 reasons why I think it might have happened.

  1. MJ- David Stern owes Mike and always will. No disrespect to Magic and Bird, but the NBA wouldn't have reached the level it once did without his "Airness" leading the charge.

  2. Kemba- I learned during the All Star break that this kid has a huge fan base. Probably larger than any other rookie we ever have drafted, though Adam Morrison might have given him a run for his money. I don't think Stern wants to see this young talent go to waste.

  3. Bizzy B- Bismack was pretty impressive last season. He had 3 games with 6 blocks and a game saving 2 handed block at the rim in NO. The most amazing part is he doesn't even know what he's doing yet. He will be one of the top defensive big men in the NBA. (Him and Davis would be a nightmare for other teams to deal with when they entered the paint.)

  4. Gerald II- Wallace is gone but Henderson has arrived. Don't pay last season no mind at all. Henderson can get 30 pts just about any night he wants to. Future All Star.

  5. $$Cha- CHING$$!! The NBA is a business, not something built just for entertainment. Remember, Charlotte led the league in attendance for 9 years straight when that other team was here. David knows, we can do it again, if he gives us something or someone to cheer for.

Will the Bobcats get the # pick tonight? I never thought I would say this, but honestly, I think we will. I'm very optimistic. I think it's our turn and I think it's our time. Charlotte Bobcat fans have suffered enough. I think the pain will finally start going away. Not next season, but tonight! If I happen to be correct, get ready for an exciting season! If I'm wrong, next season, "Father help us all."