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Dear Micheal Jordan, "THANK YOU"

Never, let me repeat, NEVER, have I been this optimistic before the NBA training camp started. Honestly, I don't know where to start. Well, let's just start at the top. Micheal Jordan, hey what can I say? He truly made several outstanding decisions this offseason. Here's the top four in my book:

  1. Signed Coach Dunlap - I haven't had the priviledge of meeting him yet, but I can already tell you, this guy is the real deal folks. He's a runner and in great shape, so he leads by example, not with his chops. He has that Drill Sergeant look and demeanour, but is a people person at the same time. He will fire up the troops, and get them ready for battle!

  2.  Great Draft  (even if it wasn't his pick) he still allowed Cho to draft Kidd- Gilcrest and Taylor, arguably, our best 1+2 picks in any draft we've ever entered. (No knock on Kemba and Bismack, these are two future "very good" players, I just think these 2 guys will have a larger impact their rookie seasons than they did. Seeing all 4 of them on the court at one time during some game is something I'm really looking foward to. That's when I'll know, we are on our way!)

  3.  Washed his hands - MJ handed over the basketball operations. To who? Rich Cho. To me, that decision tops all others. I love MJ, but honestly, I can't believe it, but I have to agree with the guy from another planet Skip Bayless. MJ probably was too good (oops), I meant Great to decide which players have the "it" factor. Rich Cho, that's what he lives for. Don't forget, this is the same guy that helped build one of the best teams in the NBA today which was one of the very worst "Oklahoma City Thunder". Now we all can get off of his back. If we don't like the players drafted or signed, it's time to put Cho, Higgins, and Dunlap on blast, not MJ. He has 2 jobs now, make appearances, and "sign them checks"!

  4. Silenced the noise - What noise, I'm sure you are asking yourself? The Bob-cat noise. He took Bob's name off of the Jerseys, hoping that those who despise Mr Johnson and do not want to say his name when they mention the team, will cool off and possibly come to some games now. Will this work? Possibly, but just like some people, some fans are never satisfied. Give it a little time, and I guarantee you that the Hornet noise will begin to work it's way to the surface again. If it does, I'll be shocked again, because the name isn't even available.

Overall, MJ has laid down a solid foundation for his staff to begin to build on. How high will our future skycraper be when the product is finished? Let's just sit back and watch over the next few seasons, and we should have a good idea by then. Until then, I'm ready to put on my hard hat and do my part to help build one of the tallest buildings in the Eastern Conference. Who's with me?