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Michael Jordan Needs to Step Up and Lead his Team

When this season started I professed to the world that I would not be another one of those guys that just harped on every little bad thing that the team did. As it turns out, it’s good that I held onto that idea as long as I did; there are just too many things. However, now that my optimism has turned into skepticism I find it hard not to complain about something.

Michael Jordan needs to fire Paul Silas.

Yes, you’ve heard me complain about the man before, but his abject refusal to even try to win a game has me shocked that he’s still got a job. I can’t stand that he’s having his son coach the team. It’s not his job. Paul needs to be doing whatever he can to lead the team to victory. That doesn’t include getting his son experience as a head coach.

This alone is enough for me to fire him if I ran the team. The fact that he didn’t even try to have the team do something when they were only down by five with 14 seconds left Wednesday night against the T-wolves was just absurd. At the least he should have had the guys foul Minnesota and make sure they earned the win.

I could care less that the man came out of retirement to coach the team or that he’s 68; no one made him take the job. Being tired is no excuse to do a shoddy job down the stretch. It’s no wonder that the team packs it in on occasion. I guess the players think it’s okay to pack it in since the head coach does.

What makes this more frustrating to me is that these guys can play well together. They have shown it at times. Take Wednesday’s game as an example. The Bobcats trailed by nine late in the first period, but went on a 20-9 late in the half to take a 47-45 lead. What makes that accomplishment even better is that Kevin Love was held scoreless during that run.

Silas has made it clear all season long that he doesn’t know what to do with the team. He’s actually flat-out stated it.

This is a perfect opportunity for Michael Jordan to show the fans that he is not going to be satisfied with a leader that barely shows up to do the job. As a sign of good faith and a desire to improve the team going forward Silas should be fired. People are taking about college teams being able to beat the Bobcats! How embarrassing!

Heck, Jordan should coach the last 15 or so games (however many are left). He certainly can’t do any worse than Silas not to mention it would be a heck of a draw to have the single greatest basketball player in history acting as the coach.