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The Charlotte Bobcats: A Family Organization

Last year the Charlotte Bobcats were the laughing stock of the NBA, which was fair enough as they were the worst team in NBA history. Since then we have drafted MKG and Jeff Taylor, and brought in Haywood, Gordon and Sessions through FA and waivers. This team is now a lot deeper and is going to win more games and gain some respect back. However, there is a disturbing trend that I am seeing throughout this organisation.

Earlier this week it broke over twitter that Scoop Jardine may get an invite to the Bobcats training camp. At first, I had to Google this guys name (and what a name it is) to find out who he was, but then shortly after those faithful members of BCP actually pointed to him being the boyfriend of MJ’s daughter Jasmine. This to me is an insult to the organization and to players everywhere. We are doing other players an injustice by not giving them the opportunity. Scoop Jardine will not make an NBA team, the Bobcats giving him a place at training camp is all because of MJ. Now in the past I have supported the front office even in times of mass condemnation. However, this greatly bothers me as the Bobcats have a history of letting friends and family into the organization.

Just last year Corey Higgins (aka Higsanity…or not) made our roster for the entire year. Higgins… yeah that sounds familiar, he is the son of Rod Higgins. Last year Corey showed little to the fans and obviously little to the coaches as he only ever played garbage minutes. Again, I have no doubt that if Rod Higgins was not our GM then Cory would not have been on this roster. This year at summer league he played as average as ever averaging 9.8 ppg 3 reb 1.8 assists with .353 shooting percentage. This just re-enforced my thinking (and everyone else’s) that Higgins does not deserve a spot on our roster. I also recently learned (thanks to TJ Hoyt aka Teej to those on the forum) that Rod Higgins’s older son Rick is employed in the organisation as assistant of basketball operations. Now I appreciate that sometimes family ties can work in our favour such as Stephen Silas, (who I rate very highly) coming over from GSW. But even then, I think that is wrong as there are other coaches out there who were ready to be an NBA assistant and at least have an interview.

Even when it is not family, we all know that MJ likes surrounding himself with friends. There has been criticism from the media throughout the NBA about how MJ has surrounded himself with friends. Obviously Rod Higgins formerly played with MJ, also the Vice Chairmen: Curtis Polk and president and chief operator: Fred Whitfield have both had relations with him before being part of the Bobcats. These are all very important people in the organisation and are in charge of the direction of the franchise. However, the problem is that those closest to MJ are scared to say "No" to him.  The hiring of Rich Cho was the first time that MJ reached out of his circle and that has been an outrageous success, MJ hired him to basically rebuild the franchise and he has done an outstanding  job.

I know we all want the best for the people who are close to us, however, when you are representing an entire state and are a professional, global basketball team I think it is different. At some point the responsibility and duty of being in a position of power in a global sport should outweigh family ties. Yes I am out of touch with American society, but before the NBA world starts respecting the Bobcats, they have to respect themselves and what they stand for.

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