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The Method to the Madness that is Michael Jordan

Chances are pretty good that His Airness, Michael Jordan, the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, was smiling some Friday night.

It could be because it was his 49th birthday. It’s usually because he has an ultra-hot future wife. There is a possibility that it could be because his team finally won, breaking a 16-game losing streak by defeating the Toronto Raptors 98-91.

It could very well be none of those (except for the ultra-hot future Mrs. Jordan), and be something else entirely. It could be because even though he is turning out one of the worst products to see the light of day on a professional basketball court the club is financially doing better.


Amazingly, even though the team has been anything but good there are more people turning out to watch than last year. So far this season about 17,082 fans are turning out at home games, an increase from the 15,846 that did so at each one last year. With attendance up 12 percent, ticket revenue is up 13 percent.

I’d be willing to bet that is what makes Michael smile. It does not hurt that merchandise sales are up 31 percent as well.

This gets me to wondering just a little if my earlier comparison to the owner of the Cleveland Indians in the movie Major League.

If you need a reminder, she tried to field a team that sucked in order to make attendance drop so low that she could get out of the lease the team had with the stadium.

Now I don’t think that Michael is looking to tank the team and move them somewhere else. Bear with me and I’ll get through this explanation.

Jordan is ultra-competitive; everyone knows that. However, as an owner the main goal is to make money. Whether he is doing that at this time I don’t know, but even with a horrible team things are on the rise. Sort of makes sense why he was pushing so much for revenue sharing during the lockout; being in one of the league’s smallest markets he can certainly use it.

It kind of seems like the stage is set IF the team is able to get some talent on the court that can play well together. If the team is doing better financially now, just imagine what it could do if the Bobcats start winning some games?

Sadly that does not look like it will happen this season. Some guys have proven to be decent. D.J. Augustin is doing well when he’s not hurt. Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo have shown some promise. Gerald Henderson is not half bad either.

These guys could be one solid player (that they will get in the next draft thanks to the lottery pick) and a coach that can put them together (sorry Paul; you’re not the guy). If that happens, Jordan will have a team on his hands that can win games and turn a profit.

So it seems like Jordan is accepting the fact that his team will suck this year so that it can rock and make him money for years to come. Sounds like a reason to smile to me.