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What Will Bismack Biyombo Do Next Season?

I am a Bismack Biyombo fan. I didn’t know much about him when he got drafted, but when I read about how he was willing to pay a cool million of his own so that he can come to the U.S. and play in the NBA I couldn't help but like the guy. It’s not too common in professional sports these days to see someone that eager and excited to play.

There were times that we were able to catch glimpses of the guy that His Airness was hoping to see when the team made him a lottery pick in the ’11 draft. If you’re the type that likes statistics just take a look at his block numbers. He ties Josh Smith for No 8 in the league with 115 (giving him a per game average of 1.83—good enough for No 9 on the season list).

Yes, I know it’s only blocks and there is a lot more to the game than that, but the fact that he was as high up on the list while playing far fewer minutes than every player above him speaks for his raw talents. With the right coaching and guidance the sky could be the limit for this young man. He could be getting both in new head coach Mike Dunlap and recently added veteran big man Brendan Haywood.

I was not a big fan of Dunlap being hired, but the more I hear about the guy the more I like him. A recent comment His AIrness Mr. Jordan made spoke volumes:
"When I sat down with Mike and I heard him explaining what he's capable of doing, I said I can play for this guy. … If that's a guy I can play for, that's a guy everybody can play for."

Anyone that has played a tea sport at a seriously competitive level will tell you that it is vital that the head coach be someone that the team can get behind. A fiasco like Dwight Howard’s relationship with Stan Van Gundy is a great example of that.

If Michael Jordan says he would want to play for the guy than he must be alright.

Adding Brendan Haywood to the roster will give Biyombo a veteran that he can lean on; someone that knows how to play the position (center) thanks to being in the NBA for 11 seasons. Haywood is far from being considered a stud center, but he’s definitely good enough to split time with Biyombo.

So not only can he help the youngster improve his game, but taking the pressure that comes with a lot of minutes off of him he allows Bismack to just concentrate on his game.

Yes, I know that the offseason is a great time, and the only time where everyone has hope. Maybe thinking that the ‘Cats will be good next year is a stretch, but gosh darn it, until they give me a reason to think they are going to suck again I’m going to hope for the best.