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Snippets from last nights draft chat

DJ Augustin to the Bobcats at #9

17:19 eaton_branden1   We better take Bayless I swear
17:19 ohara831         Dont know. All that talk of wanting a Center so Okafor can play PF
17:19 Mustachio        if its lopez they better announce the trade quick...cause im not sure how long we can keep beagle alive
17:19 Icky Thump       lol
17:19 Ammofan          Bayless....Bayless....Bayless!
17:20 Tupacalypse      k lets make a deal, if we take lopez we all kill ourselves
17:20 swetooth9       cmonnn
17:20 ALong13         Kind of like last years Wright pick...everyone was pissed and ready to cut their wrist, then the trade was announced
17:20 Mustachio       ewww suicide pact not my style
17:20 dnbman          Beagle... it could mean that that golf chick shows up at games sometimes. Small comfort?
17:20 Beagle          BAYYYYLESSS
17:20 eaton_branden1  Is Bayless there? I haven't seen him
17:20 Ammofan         idk
17:20 Dunk            stephen a's english...ha!
17:20 Beagle          lol
17:20 ohara831        They dont need Joe to speak mandarin with Yi, he's one!
17:20 Beagle          not quite, dnb
17:20 ALong13         Damn gotta piss....no i'm going to wait
17:20 Hormel          If we take Lopez I will cry along with everyone else, I don't know if I'll kill myself though
17:20 ohara831        Yi is gone. Why JoeAlexander?
17:21 eaton_branden1  weird
17:21 eaton_branden1  I don't see him playing pf
17:21 letsgocats!     intense
17:21 dnbman          who as crazy dunks.
17:21 Ammofan         Anyone hear any new Cats trade rumors?
17:21 dnbman          here's the commercial!!!!
17:21 Beagle          being an astros fan, i'm going to go shawn chacon on MJ if we go lopez or augstin here
17:21 Ziggy           he'll get KILT at PF
17:21 Icky Thump      lol commercial
17:21 letsgocats!     it means COMMERCIAL
17:21 Mustachio       hahah told you!!!
17:21 Dunk            seriously
17:21 jasonits420     lol
17:21 letsgocats!     and they'll pick before they get back
17:21 eaton_branden1  They always do that **** with the Panthers too
17:21 Hormel          I like how everyone in the Lottery has gotten draft coverage, but they hardly mention the Bobcats on ESPN
17:22 Beagle          yes
17:22 Mustachio       who are the bobcats
17:22 Beagle          the red headed stepchild
17:22 Ammofan         I agre Hormel
17:22 swetooth9       it's cuz we're small market
17:22 ALong13         yeah, bet our pick doesn't get an interview
17:22 ohara831        My buthole is puckering - too damn nervous
17:22 Tupacalypse     rofllll
17:22 letsgocats!     the redheads take offense

17:22 eaton_branden1     lol
17:22 Icky Thump         TMI Ohara.. but lol
17:22 Beagle             lol
17:22 quanae             hey wat
17:22 eaton_branden1     butthole pucker
17:22 Mustachio          anyone wanna wager on a Hornets reference
17:22 quanae             up
17:22 eaton_branden1     LMAO
17:22 Mustachio          the charlotte hornets.... eww i mean bobcats
17:22 Hormel             Our pick prolly wont even be on Tv
17:22 Beagle             god, come on already
17:22 letsgocats!        50 seconds
17:22 eaton_branden1     2 Horn..I mean BObcats
17:23 ALong13            Vonage commercial takes up the whole screen
17:23 Keetch             im getting 0% financing here!
17:23 letsgocats!        lol
17:23 Ammofan            yup
17:23 ALong13            pick probably now
17:23 eaton_branden1     MJ or Larry Brown speak after the draft pick please!
17:23 ALong13            and we'll miss it
17:23 Hormel             Rice Toyota takes up the whole screen ehre
17:23 Ammofan            stupid Vonage!!!!
17:23 Mustachio          i got jenny rollins right now
17:23 Beagle             wakeforest football crap
17:23 eaton_branden1     WTF
17:23 Hormel             WHERE IS OUR PICK
17:23 Ziggy              roadrunner here
17:23 jasonits420        this is funny
17:23 Hormel             FU ESPN!
17:23 letsgocats!        vonage
17:23 Ammofan            aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
17:23 Tupacalypse        lol the commercial will kill us
17:23 swetooth9          3 million songs OMFG
17:23 eaton_branden1     Bayless Bayless Bayless!!!!!
17:23 dnbman             local espn commercial.
17:23 Beagle             BAYLESS
17:23 letsgocats!        nobody gives a damn
17:23 Hormel             OMG **** YOU ESPN
17:23 dnbman             here we go!!!!!
17:23 eaton_branden1     oh ****
17:23 ALong13            and our time is up
17:23 letsgocats!        and they've picked
17:23 Beagle             ha
17:23 Ammofan            here we go!
17:23 Hormel             wtf
17:23 Beagle             recap
17:23 Hormel             a draft track
17:24 dnbman             they haven't announced it yet.
17:24 Hormel             tell us our pick
17:24 Beagle             what respect
17:24 ALong13            we're getting screwed
17:24 eaton_branden1     like we forgot...Bring your ass Stern
17:24 Mustachio          we get a commercial and a recap!!! this is unprecedented *****ery
17:24 Beagle             i'm going to faint
17:24 Dunk               not lopez
17:24 eaton_branden1     Bayless!
17:24 letsgocats!        not lopez
17:24 Hormel             NONONO
17:24 Beagle             **** that, bilas
17:24 Hormel             not lopez
17:24 ALong13            Lopez a steal...haha no
17:24 eaton_branden1     Lopez sucks and would suck next to Mek
17:24 Keetch             Lopez has the oh**** look on
17:24 Icky Thump         Lopez looks pissed
17:24 Icky Thump         lol
17:24 jasonits420        Lopez is coming to the Bobcats
17:24 Ammofan            trade???Maybe
17:25 Mustachio          he didnt get a phone call!!! he looked pissed
17:25 Icky Thump         We are so gonna draft Lopez
17:25 dnbman             they have never seen Okafor play... I SWEAR TO GOD< ALAH, BUDDHA, KALI
17:25 Hormel             there has got to be a trade
17:25 jasonits420        He doesn't look thrilled
17:25 ALong13            here we go
17:25 dnbman             ****!!!!
17:25 jasonits420        what
17:25 Icky Thump         OMG
17:25 Icky Thump         **** me
17:25 dnbman            terrible.
17:25 letsgocats!       wow
17:25 Hormel            OMG
17:25 Hormel            OMG
17:25 Hormel            OMG
17:25 Beagle            goddamiit
17:25 Keetch            holy ****
17:25 Icky Thump        we suck
17:25 swetooth9         whatttttttt
17:25 dnbman            terrible.
17:25 letsgocats!       wow
17:25 eaton_branden1    STupid
17:25 Mustachio         **** me
17:25 letsgocats!       wow
17:25 dnbman            terrible.
17:25 Tupacalypse       WTF IS THIS ****?
17:25 Hormel            FY MJ!
17:25 jasonits420       we are stupid
17:25 ohara831          Ray is gone
17:25 ALong13           Augistine?
17:25 swetooth9         why him and not bayless????
17:25 Beagle            **** YOU
17:25 Tupacalypse       WHAT THE ****KKKK
17:25 dnbman            what the hell.
17:25 Icky Thump        that is the worst ever
17:25 Beagle            MJ EAT ****
17:25 Tupacalypse       WHAT THE **** IS THIS ****?
17:25 Hormel            GOD
17:25 Keetch            was that a gunshot?
17:25 Icky Thump        ********
17:25 Hormel            this is ****ing useless
17:25 Keetch            Beagle ?
17:25 ALong13           Brook looks like he's going to cry
17:25 Michael35         lol
17:26 Icky Thump        That is the worst
17:26 jasonits420       this was a stupid move
17:26 Icky Thump        omg... ridiculous
17:26 Beagle            it's not lopez, but still
17:26 Hormel            It''s so hard to be a bobcats fan when we make retarded moves like this every year
17:26 Keetch            I really dislike Augustin lol
17:26 Mustachio         hes not even 6 feet
17:26 Beagle            how this moron over bayless
17:26 Beagle            WTF gives?!?!
17:26 eaton_branden1    we suck
17:26 dnbman            man...
17:26 Icky Thump        Who was it that was wanting Augustin again?
17:26 Ziggy             hes not much bigger than a smurf
17:26 Tupacalypse       **** this im gettin off and not gettin on till we trade our pick
17:26 ALong13           I don't hate Augustin, but he wouldn't have been my choice
17:26 Beagle            absolutely no sense
17:27 Mustachio         bayless must have done somethign bad in workouts to fall this hard
17:27 Keetch            real vote of confidence for felts
17:27 letsgocats!       thats who LB wanted
17:27 eaton_branden1    yep
17:27 Beagle            yeah, keetch
17:27 swetooth9         did we even work him out?
17:27 Icky Thump        this is crazy
17:27 Beagle            LB is ****in senile
17:27 Tupacalypse       time to fire larry brown
17:27 eaton_branden1    lol
17:27 Tupacalypse       it was a good 2 months
17:27 Icky Thump        They better trade this
17:27 eaton_branden1    I don't think he wanted to come here
17:27 Icky Thump        work something out of it
17:27 dnbman            I think that was the only pick that really would have disappointed me.
17:27 Hormel            HEY!
17:27 letsgocats!       i'm ok with it...
17:27 Keetch            "sick to my stomach"
17:27 eaton_branden1    I like that DJ plays with a swagger and he's a winner but Bayless will bite us on our ass.
17:28 Mustachio         so confused

Anthony Randolph to the Warriors at #15

17:51 ALong13          randolph is gone...
17:51 bigcatbobcat     what did you guys say after he was interviewed?
17:51 Ammofan          see skinny
17:51 Ziggy            somebody get that kid a sammich
17:51 letsgocats       two looooong guys in gs now
17:52 guest3849210     brandan wright is gettin traded
17:52 eaton_branden1   Nah Wright is more a true center
17:52 ALong13          not surprised, they don't play rookies too often
17:52 bigcatbobcat     ranolph weighs like 150?
17:52 dnbman           Baron is the biggest guy on their team now.
17:52 Smurf            Trade me for Wright please!
17:52 Beagle           BD and Wright for Smurf + whoever!!!!!!!!!
17:52 Ammofan          her comes our Carolina guy!!! B-Wright is coming back!!
17:52 eaton_branden1   Wright+Randolph could be sick as hell in 2 years
17:52 ALong13          6'10" and 197 pounds?
17:52 ALong13          good lord
17:52 Ziggy            he is like manute bol but even skinnier
17:52 swetooth9        lol
17:52 Dunk             i think i weighed 197....in 8th grade
17:52 ALong13          haha...Brandon Wright looking like Mr. America
17:52 swetooth9        @ bilas
17:52 eaton_branden1   lol
17:53 Smurf            Orange and Smurf Bobcats!
17:53 eaton_branden1   watch us take DeAndre Jordan
17:53 Beagle           that pick makes no sense. something's going on
17:53 Mustachio        how hard is it to gain weight
17:53 Ammofan          Darrell Arthur at #20?
17:53 calmcat          Wright+Randolph could be the sickest Bust tandem in history
17:53 ohara831         GSW have that trad exception too. Trade is possible
17:53 Beagle           i agree, ohara
17:53 ALong13          not if Hibbert or Ajinca is here
17:53 Mustachio        america has an obesity epidemic and this kid is starving
17:53 eaton_branden1   next Chris Bosh :(
17:53 ALong13          randolph born in Germany?
17:53 Keetch           they are saying nothing about trades....where's andy katz?
17:53 eaton_branden1   Bosh wasn't a stud his rookie year
17:53 bigcatbobcat     meth or crack? thats the only way to be that skinny
17:53 ohara831         I'd take Wright over Doc or Ajinca
17:53 letsgocats       i like ajinca

Alexis Ajinca to the Bobcats at #20

18:26 dnbman          ok... here we go.
18:26 Beagle          Mark, come be our assistant coach
18:26 Ammofan         o god
18:26 DepressedCat    Get the NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
18:26 DepressedCat    ready
18:26 ALong13         Kofus or Ajinca
18:26 ALong13         here we go
18:27 dnbman          umm...
18:27 Beagle          lol
18:27 Keetch          im so smart
18:27 Hormel          HE CANT EVEN SAY OUR NAME
18:27 Hormel          WTF
18:27 eaton_branden1  :)
18:27 DepressedCat    YAY!!!!!
18:27 bigcatbobcat    french
18:27 eaton_branden1  Next LaMarcus Aldridge
18:27 dnbman          he even stumbled on "Bobcats"
18:27 Keetch          ryan hollins 2
18:27 Beagle          <------ indifferent
18:27 Hormel          I know
18:27 eaton_branden1  hopefully
18:27 Beagle          i agree, dnb. that was hilarious
18:27 eaton_branden1  He ****s on Hollins
18:27 DepressedCat    Smurfy and Frenchy
18:27 eaton_branden1  I think watch some video
18:27 Beagle          bobbobbbobcats
18:27 Ziggy           is he a "French" player or a "Freedom" player
18:27 Ammofan         I just broke my hand hitting the front door
18:27 ALong13         Ajinca....Brown's man love can continue
18:27 bigcatbobcat    he can learn from may there fran
18:27 Beagle          ****, ammo, you okay?
18:28 bigcatbobcat    duh we have the master of weight gain in the nba
18:28 ohara831        We went Euro?
18:28 Keetch          lol now that is skinny
18:28 Mustachio       hell yes
18:28 DepressedCat    we can let him stay in France
18:28 Mustachio       i love this pick
18:28 Beagle          oh my god, he looks awful
18:28 calmcat         this could have been a great draft, but what the ****??
18:28 Beagle          Ryan Hollins thinks he is a project
18:28 dnbman          Brown has NO excuses.
18:28 ohara831        Well, I guess LB was telling he truth when he said he liked him
18:28 bigcatbobcat    ok i'm going to drink heavily
18:28 Hormel          We traded next years pick for someone who will never step 1 foot on the court for us
18:28 eaton_branden1  I like the pick
18:28 DepressedCat    We took a smurf and a giant
18:29 ALong13         McRoberts going to Portland
18:29 bigcatbobcat    see you guys later when i can be happy again
18:29 eaton_branden1  Now just take Dorsey or Walker
18:29 calmcat         i'm w/ bigcat
18:29 Beagle          how is he any better than Ryan?
18:29 Dunk            you know when they talk about the currency exchange it was a bad pick
18:29 DepressedCat    Ajinca will stay in France
18:29 Beagle          he looks like a twiggy clone
18:29 Hormel          HE will never play for us
18:29 Hormel          we just wasted 2 picks
18:29 Hormel          Sweet
18:29 calmcat         we better be planning to trade him
18:29 dnbman          Man... what could have been with Arthur.
18:29 Mustachio       he looked great in our workout
18:30 eaton_branden1  Arthor is to inconsistent
18:30 ALong13         Authur was too small for Center/PF
18:30 calmcat         he's never played against an nba level big in his life
18:30 eaton_branden1  Reason he fell so far
18:30 ALong13         I like this pick though
18:30 dnbman          I like our pick OK. I'm just not convinced Okafor is a PF.
18:30 Beagle          he's not, dnb
18:30 eaton_branden1  He' not I'm sure Ajinca can play 4 and I hope he plays for us next year.
18:30 DepressedCat    this was a joke of a draft
18:30 eaton_branden1  wtf
18:30 Beagle          i dont know anything about this frenchie, but he looks like ryan hollins
18:30 Hormel          HOw can you like the Pick when they guy is never going to play for us?
18:30 dnbman          defenses can still clog the center on us, giving us little room to penetrate.
18:30 Hormel          He's just going to stay in the Euros
18:30 DepressedCat    if we ever think of getting our hopes up again slap some sense into us
18:31 Beagle          seriously
18:31 Dunk            this kinda sucks
18:31 Mustachio       this definetly turned into a weird night
18:31 guest4064108    wtf were we thinking
18:31 Mustachio       im not on the hate yet
18:31 Mustachio       but its weird for sure
18:32 Beagle          yeah. last year kicked ass. this is anticlamactic and boring really
18:32 DepressedCat    wow
18:32 DepressedCat    no this is a shipwreck
18:32 DepressedCat    at least watch the ship go down
18:32 Beagle          all that predraft hype and this borefest
18:32 DepressedCat    lol
18:32 Dunk            man, i just want to go out and renew my season tix right now!
18:32 calmcat         maybe we're playing anjica at the 4?

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