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It’s About Darn Time Diaw was Done in Charlotte

When I read the news that the Charlotte Bobcats had bought out the contract of Boris Diaw I couldn’t help but think that it was about darn time.

All season long we’ve been reading about a guy that plays hard when he wants to; he slacks off; he’s talented; he can’t focus. Aargh! It was like reading a list of reasons why the really dumb kid in class was smarter than the valedictorian!

What always got me was the way that Paul Silas just seemed to accept it. Now some of you might think ‘what else is he going to do?’ The answer to that is easy—for quality coaches. You either get the best out of someone or you bench his sorry behind. Yes, you do have to sometimes have to temper your style to fit the player, but Diaw was not coach-able.

The guy needed to get cut some time ago. There has been little to cheer about in Charlotte this year, but losing is no excuse for the lack of effort that this guy often exhibited. He wanted to be elsewhere? So what. He didn’t like losing? No one does.

When you’re being handed the gift of all gifts, the chance to play a game and get paid ridiculously well for it, you should be happy to be on any team. You don’t get to pick and choose who you get to play with or where all the time.

I’m not a fan of Paul Silas, but I like the way he handled being asked about Diaw leaving:

“I’m not going to say anything about that. We have to go straight up with who we have and we wish him well.”

That’s what a professional does. He may not be the best of coaches, but the man is a professional. Since you didn’t want to learn how to play basketball from him Boris, I hope you at least learned a little bit about being a professional from him.

What is surprising about Diaw’s release is not what took the Bobcat’s so long to do it, but the response around the league since it happened. Apparently there is enough interest for one team to actually be considered a frontrunner (San Antonio).

Should the Spurs pick him up it seems a little unfair almost. He got let go for being a worthless slacker and now he’ll have a shot at being a world champion (at the least he’ll be in the playoffs). It’s a heck of a break for a guy that doesn’t deserve. Hopefully after his time with a team on the other side of the win column he’ll appreciate getting paid to play a game a whole lot more than he ever did in Charlotte.