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Shame on You Boris Diaw

Typically when I write for sites I try to stay away from negative posts that just bash anything and everything that is wrong with the team. Those kinds of posts are easy to write (because all of us with access to the internet are experts at what we write about), but I think they are not near as much fun to write.

However, there are some occasions in which I feel it necessary to give a virtual b*tch slap to someone who deserves. In this case it would be forward turned center Boris Diaw.

When I read this quote from Paul Silas in regards to Diaw it bugged me:

“He's good at everything, one of the most talented players I've seen at his position. As long as he comes with effort, there are very few things he can't do.”

As long as he comes with effort? Are you kidding me?!?! The man is supposed to be a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association.

Players from around the world do whatever it takes to prove they are worthy of playing on the same court as these guys. Kids from every corner of the United States are likely driving down the lane of their local neighborhood court right now thinking they are going to get it done like their hero __________ that plays for __________. If they do then maybe they can make it to the big time.

It is a privilege to play in the NBA. Heck, after the way the contract negotiations went these past few months, it is a miracle that there is even an NBA to play in, and this guy has to be chastised by his coach in order to get him to play well?

Before you put this in your comments, yes, I have had a bad day at work before. I have been barked at by my coaches to get me to do better. I’ve been chastised by my bosses. I’ve been in his shoes, just on a much smaller stage. In all of those cases should I have been saying shame on me?

Yes (and I did). The reason for it is the same reason why I am saying shame on Diaw.

My whole life I have made an average salary at best; without it my bills aren’t getting paid within a couple of months. I need to give my best at all times (just like I am sure most of you do) in order to make sure I keep my job and hopefully, someday, get paid better than I do at the moment.

I can’t afford to have a bad day because it could mean my job (if it is bad enough).

Boris Diaw is getting an opportunity that thousands wish they could have. His new teammate, Bismack Biyombo, paid a cool million out of his own pocket to get the opportunity to play in the NBA; I’d be shocked to see him slacking off in a game or not giving his best.

The man is getting paid $9 million to play a game. He needs to respect that game and do his best without Paul Silas having to get on his case. Time to grow up Boris.