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50 Things that we've learned about the Bobcats

In our forum , we've been gathering a list of 100 things that we've learned about the Bobcats in the past year.  Below we have the first 50. Read and enjoy.

1. Bernie should be fired as coach.
2. Bernie loves "his guys"
3. Kareem Rush acted and played like a bitch.
4. Bernie hates rookies
5. Bob Johnson is cheap
6. That the bobcats show what you can do with lots of hustle and hard work, even though your inexperienced
7. that the bobcats forgot the above sentence this year.
8. We wont get respect(or foul calls), so we gotta somehow earn it
9. We draft good
10. Emeka offensive game is coming along nicely
11. Ray Felton plays better when BK is injured.
12. Sean May isn't the illegitmate love-child of Fred "Rerun" Berry and Fat Albert, He is actually a legitimate NBA baller with some serious game.
13. Adam Morrison is a scorer NOT a pure shooter.
14. Michael Jordan will not do anything for us.
15. Any FA's we pick up are useless.
16. The cats have one of the best arenas
17. We not only draft well, we EXPANSION draft well. (Wallace, Knight, Brezec; we also had Zaza Pachulia, Jason Hart, Eddie House, and Keith Bogans)
18. We have the best identity of players: Stasche, Crash, etc
19. Gerald Wallace seems to shoot all of his jumpers off balance.
20. A Bobcats player has never scored more than 41(Gerald Wallace), grabbed rebound more than 19(Emeka Okafor-twice), dished assist more than 20(Brevin Knight-twice), blocked shots more than 8(Emeka Okafor) and stole the ball more than 8(Gerald Wallace) in a match.
21. Primoz Brezec has no long term future with this team.
22. May does not get enough minutes.
23. J.B. is a waste
24. The Bobcats need an "Enforcer", somebody who is ready, willing and able to knock another player on his ass.
25. Matt Carroll is a way better player than we all thought that he was coming into this season.
26. This site has moved ahead of realgm as the best Bobcats talk on the web
27. Bernard Robinson has no jump shot. His whole game is driving to the basket out of control with that goofy spin moove.
28. When Brevin Knight runs the point, he holds the ball too long before getting the team into their offense.
29. In response to 28, Brevin makes sure to dish to the players that will be more certain not to cut into his minutes due to their play.
30. Bernie should coach the Knicks. They need someone to start it from scratch.
31. We have the weakest coaching staff in the league with Bernie Bickerstaff, JB Bickerstaff and Jeff Capel.
32. We have an obsession with drafting the players that will make it onto the EA NCAA basketball games. (Okafor, Felton, Morrison)
33. We fall apart after halftime a lot
34.Felton sets up some great shots for the players around him but sometimes they have a hard time finishing.
35. We are not clutch
36. We are the least respected team in the league.
37. We get NO calls from the officials
38. When any trade rumors come about, we adamantly deny any of them.
39. We will not trade any players, unless it's for minimal value and no use to the team.
40. Sean May's midrange jumper is reliable.
41. None of our other big men should even think about taking a jumpshot.
42. We have extreme difficulty making perimeter shots.
43. We foul way too often.
44. We have the coolest Argentinia basketball player in the world (Walt)
45. We have a turkey starting at center (Primoz)
46. we will get a lottery pick every single year
47. we may not have the best players, but we do NOT have any criminals
48.  we don't overpay any players on our roster
49. Our Coach doesn't have a clue
50. We are inconsistent.


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