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Its time to start Felton at the point

Jan 20 2006 01:35 PM | ziggy in Brevin Knight

Its time to go ahead and give Raymond the starting point guard position. Yes, at this point in time Brevin Knight is the superior player, but Felton is not going to develop as a pro point guard and as the future floor general of this team getting a few...

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Bobcats trade deadline options

Jan 20 2006 01:35 PM | ziggy in Brevin Knight

With the February 23rd trade deadline looming, I am hopeful that Bernie Bickerstaff will bite the bullet and make a move. The biggest chips that he has to play are starting point guard Brevin Knight and power forward Melvin Ely. Brevin Knight has been...

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Letting the players call the shots.

Mar 29 2006 05:26 PM | ziggy in Brevin Knight

Recently Bernie Bickerstaff said that this was Brevin Knight's team and its up to Brevin to decide when he wants to step down or be traded. As far as playing time, anybody that has seen Raymond Felton play at all over the past two months can see clearl...

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Brevin Knight is pissed at somebody

Nov 10 2006 05:26 PM | Guest in Brevin Knight

This is a quote from Brevin Knight following Friday night's loss to the Sonics. We win one game, we play well in another, and we think we've arrived. ... We don't have stars on this team. We don't have anything. We need to work hard if we're ever goin...

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50 Things that we've learned about the Bobcats

Jan 25 2007 12:59 PM | Guest in Brevin Knight

In our forum , we've been gathering a list of 100 things that we've learned about the Bobcats in the past year.  Below we have the first 50. Read and enjoy. 1. Bernie should be fired as coach. 2. Bernie loves "his guys" 3. Kareem Rush acted and...

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Clippers 102, Bobcats 93: Blogcat's Take

Mar 17 2007 02:34 AM | Guest in Brevin Knight

The Bobcats lost another heartbreaker on Friday night, but at least it wasn’t another bone-breaker, because I think we’ve got an injury DNP Brady Bunch going at this point (with trainer Joe Sharp as Alice). For Gerald Wallace, the game was...

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Coach Vincent: Blogcat's Take

May 24 2007 07:47 AM | Guest in Brevin Knight

That scraping sound you hear is either a) Kris Jenkins polishing off his 10th straight bowl of Frankenberry, or :cool: Charlotte basketball fans collectively scratching their heads over the news that Sam Vincent is the Bobcats’ new head...

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Bobcats Not Keeping it Brevin, Waive Goodbye to BK

Jun 30 2007 09:10 AM | Guest in Brevin Knight

This was probably a year too late, but then again I didn’t think they were ever going to do it, so maybe I should think of it as infinitely early.  The Bobcats bought out one of our originals, feisty point guard Brevin Knight.  Knight w...

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Who Helped the Big O get his O(ffense)?

Nov 01 2007 04:50 PM | Guest in Brevin Knight

Who Helped Emeka Get His Points PGs on the CourtTime (mins)Total PointsFGA/PossPoints for Emeka/PossFG% Just Ray1261.154590.15290.195052.5% Just Brevin228.231090.20360.243849.5% Just McInnis176.50730.15620.219261.5% At Least Ray1829.017220.16440.20975...

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