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Letting the players call the shots.

Recently Bernie Bickerstaff said that this was Brevin Knight's team and its up to Brevin to decide when he wants to step down or be traded. As far as playing time, anybody that has seen Raymond Felton play at all over the past two months can see clearly that this team performs at a higher level with him running the point. With Felton running the show, they play a more uptempo pace thats clearly more suited to the Bobcats roster. I have a hard time understanding in this situation, why the coach doesn't do whats best for the team instead of whats best for the ego of one of his veteran players. Theres nothing to gain by giving Knight heavy minutes, because by the time this team becomes competitive, he'll be long gone.

from a trade standpoint, to allow any non superstar player on a building team absolute veto power over potential trades is irresponsible and counter productive from a GM standpoint. On an expansion team like this, you have to willing to deal players that aren't part of your core long term plans in order to stockpile young talent.
Lets hope that management grows a spine in the near future and stops catering to their favorites.