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Cody Zeller

How good can Cody Zeller become?

Oct 15 2015 01:28 PM | Ashevillelin in Cody Zeller

I know it's just preseason, but Cody is leading the league in TS% at 93.1 (and has an effective FG% above 100!). He's perfect from beyond the three-point line, and is leading the team's non-exclusive point guards in assist %. He's clearly got some nice...

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Thoughts on the Charlotte Hornets Youth

Jan 07 2015 12:09 AM | QC Thundercats in Cody Zeller

Well, the blessing in disguise (or if you're BrotherDave, the blessing) with Al being out is that not only does Cliff not have his crutch to rely on, but our young guys can't use him as a crutch either. They are now forced to step up because we need t...

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Blogcat's Take, 11/15

Nov 15 2014 03:21 PM | Blogcat in Cody Zeller

Sorry for getting so wonky right off the bat, but I’d like to apply the following in-depth technical analysis to last night’s Hornets victory over the Suns: “Whoo!” In addition, the data set strongly suggests the following: “F--- yeah!” It’s no secret...

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Blogcat's Take, 3/22

Mar 22 2014 12:33 PM | Blogcat in Cody Zeller

Good news, Cody Zeller fans: it looks as if your boy might finally be learning a thing or two—besides which side of his face inflicts the least pain when he smacks it off the floor during the estimated 25 times per game he’s sent sprawling. There’s goo...

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With The 4th Pick In The Draft The Bobcats Pray...

Jun 28 2013 02:07 PM | Blogcat in Cody Zeller

750 fans showed up at a Charlotte Bobcats draft party last night and were each shocked...that 749 other fans showed up at a Charlotte Bobcats draft party. No, that’s not why they were shocked—I tease. They were shocked that the Bobcats selected Cody Ze...

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