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What Can Brown Do For You?

Quite a lot it seems. When it was announced Derrick Brown (UPS) was coming back to the Bobcats it was met with much joy from the fans as many were sad to see him leave. UPS was a fan and player favourite who we never planned to lose as we were going to claim resign him. However, the Knicks claimed him off waivers at the last minute and he was lost. After doing nothing in NY he came back to the Cats this summer to fill the role left by Dante “weed” Cunningham who left forMemphis.

When Derrick came back many expected the same player. Someone who can’t really shoot and isn’t a great defender or rebounder but can make a good highlight play such as this:

However UPS has been much more than just a highlight player this year, he has evolved his game to where he is effective on both ends of the floor.

Brown has brought great energy off the bench this year, but along with that has come production which he lacked in the past. His rebounding numbers are at a career high both defensively and offensively, and if you watch the games you can see how much he tries to get those offensive boards. Rebounding is definitely a skill in the NBA and UPS is beginning to realize that and is using his athleticism to become more active. UPS never had a quick release on his jumper and it was always fairly unreliable, the slow release is still there but I he has become more reliable in that mid range region this year and has shot it when open. His field goal percentage may not be as good as it was in his first few years but that is because he didn’t do anything but dunk. However, even with adding that mid range jumper his FG% is still at a very respectable .515%. UPS is a great example of a guy who knows what he can do and knows his role he doesn’t try things he shouldn’t and most of the time makes the right decision.

I also think most aspects of Brown’s defence have improved as well. Browns 1v1 defense has never been great but he isn't fouling as much as he used to. He is fouling just over his career averages by .20 but playing almost twice as many minutes. UPS is also one of those guys who can read those passing lanes and get a steal which really helps us to get into the open court and get some easy transition buckets. This really helps because lets face it our half court offence is terrible, we need every easy basket we can get. One aspect of Brown’s game that seems to not have advanced at all is his shot blocking skills. For someone of his size and athleticism 0.2 per game is very poor. But as Bismack shows shot blocking to some extent is about feel, when to leave your man, when to jump. It seems unfortunately that Brown just does not have that.

So for those of you who remember Brown for his highlight dunks I think we may not see as many of those anymore. However, we will get back a very serviceable role player on a great contract who has a great attitude, is a great teammate plus he is an absolute joker (Bring back Brown’s poetry corner!)

What’s in Silas’s locker?

 Did you guys know in Tyrus’s final year of his contract he is going to be on $14 million. Yes that’s right FOURTEEN MILLION!!!