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Blogcat's Season Recap, Part 3: The Final Insult

May 19 2012 04:35 PM | Blogcat in DJ Augustin

Okay, now comes the part in which I have to examine the last four guys on the Bobcats’ regular rotation.  And because I’m essentially looking at the worst four players on my favorite team, which was also the worst team in NBA history, I’ve got to be ca...

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Bobcats Midseason Recap: A Look Back in Horror

Feb 26 2012 12:00 AM | Blogcat in DJ Augustin

I thought I’d use this All Star Break as a nice chance to gasp for air in this waterboarding session of a season and not write at all about the Bobcats for a weekend.  I didn’t feel like examining this team’s first 30-odd games of the year anymore than...

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It is Decision Time...

Jan 19 2012 04:00 PM | @JPlowright_NBA in DJ Augustin

January 25th, that’s the deadline. Between now and then we have to make a big decision. Do we extend the contracts of DJ Augistine and DJ White? DJ Augustin DJ Augustin was our 9th pick just a few years ago and was supposed to be our point guard...

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Kemba Walker Saves Paul Silas’s Job (For Now)

Jan 15 2012 03:23 AM | Travis Pulver in DJ Augustin

I have to be honest. After reading a bunch of stories about the team during the week I was prepared to sit down Saturday night and write a piece on how Paul Silas might be the first coach to go in this abbreviated NBA season. Personally, I think tha...

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With 10 seconds left _________ is starting at t...

Dec 29 2011 04:44 PM | @JPlowright_NBA in DJ Augustin

Two games into the season, we can’t really make too many assumptions about how well we will do. However, what I can tell you is we are fun to watch. Like many in the forum have said this week, these last two games have been 10x more exciting than last...

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"Team before Player" mentality might be our bes...

Dec 14 2011 06:00 AM | Christian "Norway" Bodin in DJ Augustin

In the last two seasons of NBA basketball we have witnessed an incredible amount of hype and media attention surrounding the league's superstars, including LeBron, Howard, Nowitzki, Melo and so on. It seems that a championship recipe these days involve...

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Prediction? Paaain.

Dec 09 2011 10:30 PM | Blogcat in DJ Augustin

After my previous, um, “article,” I guess you could call it, Vance asked me for my predictions for the Bobcats this season.  Prediction number one will be that my streak of referencing Mr. T ends at two.  Really, after BA Baracus and Clubber Lang, what...

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DJ Augustin's last 4 games

Nov 26 2008 08:30 AM | Guest in DJ Augustin

For those of you who haven't noticed, over the last 4 game stretch DJ Augustin has played better than any rookie not named Derrick Rose.Over the last 4 game stretch versus the Sixers, Bucks, Hawks & Mavericks, DJ has put up these numbers21 PPG50.84 FG%...

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DJ Augustin talks about being a card collector...

Oct 11 2008 07:18 AM | Guest in DJ Augustin

This is a cool little Youtube video that I ran across this morning. DJ Augustin talks about how he worked hard in school so that his mom would take him to get collector cards each week and how he feels about now being on his own card.Enjoy! 

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Sweet, lets make some picks... or not.

Jun 26 2008 03:28 PM | ziggy in DJ Augustin

Let me start off by saying I fully endorse Ziggy’s reasons for NOT drafting Brook Lopez. Brook Lopez? Umm, no please. I think the NBA has enough Chris Mihms as it is, thank you very much. Does anyone else’s face light up when they check one of Chad For...

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