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DJ Augustin's last 4 games

For those of you who haven't noticed, over the last 4 game stretch DJ Augustin has played better than any rookie not named Derrick Rose.

Over the last 4 game stretch versus the Sixers, Bucks, Hawks & Mavericks, DJ has put up these numbers

  • 21 PPG
  • 50.84 FG%
  • 52.6 Three Point %  (10-19)
  • 6.25 APG
  • 3.5 RPG

On draft night, there were some that were wanting Brook Lopez (not me), and many that were screaming for Jerryd Bayless when he was still on the board at #9, but in this case it appears that Larry Brown / MJ and company knew what they were doing. If you have the chance to see the Bobcats play ( wait... they don't have any national TV appearances this season ) you'll see a player that can get to the basket with ease and manage to get his shot off despite being 5'10"-ish at best. He has only had his shot blocked twice over this 4 game stretch despite going to the basket repeatedly, by contrast Derrick Rose has had his shot blocked 7 times in the last 4 games.

Keep your eye on this kid, we may be on to something here.