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It is Decision Time...

January 25th, that’s the deadline. Between now and then we have to make a big decision. Do we extend the contracts of DJ Augistine and DJ White?

DJ Augustin

DJ Augustin was our 9th pick just a few years ago and was supposed to be our point guard of the future, even though we had drafted Raymond Felton three years earlier (who was also our “future point guard”). We decided not to extend Raymond though and gave him a one year deal. Now its 3 years after we drafted DJ, and we have drafted another point guard in Kemba Walker.(but seriously, this time he is our future star…I think…3rd time lucky?) Last time we never extended Ray, perhaps because of the strong rookie season DJ had. Dejavu anyone? However, no two situations are ever exactly the same.

DJ is having an up and down year, but I think overall we would agree that he is having his best year yet as a pro. The myth that DJ was a just a scoring point guard has been answered in my opinion, even when DJ is having off shooting nights he is delivering assists. He seems to run the team a lot better this year. But remember, in accordance to the Bobcats slogan“prepare today, OWN TOMORROW” we have to think long term. I am not going to get into a debate about Kemba being the future of the team, that is not what this article is about. But, to get down to the point I think we should offer DJ an extension, at a reasonable price. The “Mike Conley” affect as I call it has inflated the price of point guards in the league. I think something around 19 million over 3 years would probably be a justifiable amount to pay him. There are rumors that he has asked for 23.5 over 3 years, thats not a stupid amount of money, maybe a bit over his worth, but kudos to him for trying. But lets look at this thing in the bigger picture.

Positives of extending DJ;

· the contract would be friendly enough for other teams not to be scared off.

· We have a starting quality point guard for another three years

· There is a distinct lack of point guards in college over the next three years or so

Negatives of Extending DJ:

· We take up cap space, not ideal for a rebuilding team

· Perhaps stunts Kemba’s development

· We overpay him and he gets lazy after getting a nice big contract

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Overall I think it is worth signing DJ to an extension, even if we just sign and trade him. Also there are a distinct lack of point guards coming through the draft in the next few year. With the inability to attract marquis free agents we might be in trouble if Kemba isn't the point guard we all want him to be.
DJ White

DJ White has had his best season as a pro yet. According to NBA.com “The Bobcats, according to a source, have some interest in extending White, one of the few bright spots (9.9 points, 5.8 rebounds) in an otherwise terrible season so far in Charlotte. A final decision is expected this week.” When we acquired DJ White, he was not just a throw in like some thought. DJ White was the reason we got rid of Nazr Moahmmed, Cho liked him in OKC so brought him here. We did not bring him here just to let him go into free agency, not in my opinion anyway.

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However I believe the success to re-signing him depends on DJ’s view of himself. I think I am correct in saying that most of the fans and myself included believe DJ White is a really good role player, but not a starter. So maybe something in the region of 10 million over 3 years would suit him, give or take a million. However, if DJ White views himself as a starter in this league then we have a problem. I think DJ White has enjoyed his time in Charlotte and personally I think he would want to stay… if the right money was offered. I think the one bright side if DJ White were to leave is it isn't like he is going to be that hard to replace. There are a bulk of power forwards who give you 10 points 6 rebounds a game. But I like DJ White and personally hope we extend him. We kind of shot ourselves in the foot though by starting him and letting him put up big numbers. Maybe we should have waited till after we opened talks to an extension, but that is the business man in me.

What’s Silas got in the locker

Apparently the Bobcats take the most long two pointer in the NBA. This is not a good stat…
Hendo and Byron… I blame you!

I hope you enjoyed the read, see you in the forum and Tally Ho!

James Plowright, Manchester, England.



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