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Sweet, lets make some picks... or not.

Let me start off by saying I fully endorse Ziggy’s reasons for NOT drafting Brook Lopez. Brook Lopez? Umm, no please. I think the NBA has enough Chris Mihms as it is, thank you very much. Does anyone else’s face light up when they check one of Chad Ford’s 11,000 mock draft models that feature the Timberwolves selecting Brook with the third pick? I could totally see McHale pulling the trigger on this one, if only because OJ Mayo might be the biggest bargaining chip on the board. Heck, if that’s the way their going to go, maybe we can entice him into trading the third pick to us for numbers nine and twenty, and a pile of gently used Cosby sweaters? It’s not that crazy. The man loves Cosby sweaters.


So here it is Bob-Folks, draft day. The NBA draft is one of my favorite sporting events of the year. I love nearly every aspect of it. I love knowing that regardless of who the Knicks pick; the crowd will undoubtedly boo mercilessly (with the exception of Ronaldo Balkman, who everybody erroneously mistook for Savion Glover). I love the fact that Spike is always there, even when the Knicks don’t have a first round pick. I love watching David Stern announce that someone like, I don’t know… Shawn Bradley, is the second overall pick, then watch as Stern and said pick awkwardly try to make small talk between 3 feet of vertical space during that uncomfortable 10 second period that they have to shake hands and pose for pictures. But most of all, I love knowing that for at least one day, Michael Jordan will HAVE to do something that will somehow make the Bobcat’s better. It’s like the exact opposite of Mayday, the annual observation of Sean May getting knocked out for a season.


One of the best aspects of the NBA draft is the draft day trade. This year, the Bob’s have a suddenly not-so-crappy -hand with the addition of the 20th pick. I am definitely in the “trade the picks” camp. I don’t care what happens; whether we move up or trade for a veteran, but we have to make some moves. I like the acquisition of the 20th pick, but only if it helps us move up. The thought of trading a future first round pick with the sole intent of acquiring Roy Hibbert gives me vertigo. Roy Hibbert reminds me of a modern day Robert Parish, and I mean that as literally as possible. I’m not saying the Chief could beat Hibbert in a footrace today, but… wait, could he?


But really, this is one of the few years and drafts where I have very little opinion on what our team does. I like Kevin Love, but I also don’t see how he could go anywhere as high as the third pick. He seems like a ninth pick doesn’t he? This draft has so many question marks. Yesterday I heard Michael Wilbon talking about the Heat considering Jared Bayless with the second pick. Today I saw a mock draft that had Bayless going 14th. That’s a 12 spot swing! I’m really starting to like the unknown element of this draft.


I never thought I would say this, but I am really excited about our second round pick this year. Let me explain: I checked one of Chad Ford’s ever-vacillating mock drafts today, and it included the second round. Who did he have the Bobcat’s selecting at 38? Kansas State’s Bill Walker. In my opinion, Walker would be an incredible steal that late in the draft, even with the knee injury. He’s a late lottery talent with huge potential. Sure, we’re already log jammed at the swing position, but Walker looks like a Josh Howard clone with better D lower THC levels, that’s worth a second round pick right?