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With 10 seconds left _________ is starting at the point.

Two games into the season, we can’t really make too many assumptions about how well we will do. However, what I can tell you is we are fun to watch. Like many in the forum have said this week, these last two games have been 10x more exciting than last years team, especially under the dark days of the Larry Brown era. However, a question that I have thought about since day one of drafting Kemba was finally answered this week. “Who will be on the floor when the game is on the line in the 4th quarter, DJ or Kemba”?

Since we drafted Kemba, there have been people calling for him to start, and to trade DJ for a 1st round pick in this year’s draft. Those same people are also going to be very frustrated Kemba didn't play at the end of the Miami game, as we all know he is a winner. So here is the big debate that I knew would happen at some point, I just didn't realize it would be so early on in the season. The way I see it, DJ is still the Veteran on this team and Kemba is a rookie, so maybe it’s as simple as that. DJ is the safe option, granted Kemba will make mistakes, but he will learn from them as well. I know many of you are thinking what have we got to lose if Kemba does lose the game due to his inexperience, were not going to make the play offs anyway and potentially losing could help us to get a better pick in this years draft which many people are saying is the key for our long term success.

If we did play Kemba, there could be drawbacks, if he made a mistake his confidence could get knocked and that may hold him back from progressing, or he may defer on certain shots in the future. However, from what I have seen, I don’t think he would let that get to him too much, but you never know. Kemba is already a fan favorite, that can’t be easy for DJ who is in his 4th year with the organization. From his point of view it must be tough having everyone around you wanting interviews, signatures and cheering for Kemba. If we did start playing Kemba in crunch time, would we alienate DJ completely? I feel that we would, as a player I think you have to feel wanted by the fans and the staff. I am worried DJ would just feel like he was not in the plans for the future of this team, and maybe he is not. But you guys no as well as me how much MJ likes winning, he already admitted that it took some convincing to start rebuilding, and I know part of MJ still hopes we can win and compete with this team. Right now, we are a better team with DJ whether you like it or not. I think MJ would have a hard time letting go of a guy who is obviously helping out our “ball club” (as Silas puts it) as much as he is right now. You can all see in these first few games that he has been arguably our best player.

I am not going to say that I know the answer of what is best for the Bobcats; I don’t think anyone knows for sure. I really am split 50/50 on what we should do, if DJ shows off his game maybe we could get something of really good value back for him, so maybe we should play DJ. Also if we play Kemba and DJ becomes alienated from the team, then he obviously won’t play at the same level for us, and his trade value will decrease. But I am interested what the Bobcats Planet faithful think, I am going to assume right now that about 80% think Kemba should be the man with the ball in his hands at clutch time ahead of DJ.

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But, you may all surprise me.

What’s Silas got in the Locker?

I can’t say I am too impressed with the acquisition of Corey Higgins. For those cynical fans out there, I am sure we have not signed him because of his Dad. This is Pro sports and we are not just going to give a contract to anyone. However, at the same time I don’t think he would be here if it was not for his Dad (Rod Higgins manager of basketball operations) He wouldn’t be on our radar if it wasn’t for him. I am not saying we don’t need a tall combo guard, because we really do but I simply think he will not be good enough and there are better options out there (Nate Robinson?). For those who are worried about a rift occurring in the front office if we have to waive him, I think you guys can stop worrying, Rod knows this is a business world and he will already know that it’s a possibility.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a good New Years!

I hope you enjoyed the read, see you in the forum and Tally Ho!

James Plowright, Manchester, England.