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Emeka Okafor

"O" is for Okafor

Oct 30 2007 04:35 PM | Guest in Emeka Okafor

 Enjoy this fantastic freestyle  by Papoose found via Youtube!

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Gerald Wallace / Emeka Okafor mix

May 08 2007 02:27 PM | Guest in Emeka Okafor

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Emeka Okafor > Dwight Howard

Nov 15 2006 05:26 PM | Guest in Emeka Okafor

Emeka Okafor > Dwight Howard Before you have a spasm over that statement look past the hype and analyze the numbers PPG   Emeka   19.1 Dwight   14.6 This was supposed to be the category that Dwight Howard was going to ha...

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Theres something suspicious about Emeka Okafor'...

Mar 02 2006 08:46 AM | ziggy in Emeka Okafor

When Emeka Okafor went down in January vs the Houston Rockets with his second truly ugly ankle injury of the season, my first impression was the he was done for the year. Stick a fork in him , put him in a coat/tie and a walking boot at...

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The Bobcats injury crisis

Jan 28 2006 12:37 PM | ziggy in Emeka Okafor

The injury situation has become absolutely ridiculous. To put it in perspective, If a quality playoff team suffered the number of injuries and missed games that the Bobcats have had then it would more than likely ruin their playoff hopes and knock them...

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